5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India (2023)

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5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India (2023)

Having access to clean, pure water is very important for everyone, but not everyone is able to access it. There is a shortage of water in many parts of India, and people living in such places rely on groundwater or water delivered by tankers. Below is the Top 5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India, so you can pick the one that’s best for you.

Due to the presence of contaminants including pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, and high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), the water quality from such sources is not good. The need to purify drinking water is increasing, which makes sense since people are increasingly turning to water purifiers.5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India give below.

When buying a water purifier, consider these factors

You should also consider other factors before choosing a water purifier mode, such as the capacity of the storage tank, the kind of material of the storage tank, the ability to get both hot and cold water, warranty, maintenance cost, and AMC availability.

When buying a water purifier, consider these factors are:

  • The capacity of storage tank on water purifier
  • Storage tanks used by water purifiers
  • Check your water purifier’s warranty and maintenance costs
  • Does Your Water Purifier Need Hot & Cold Water?
  • Before purchasing a water purifier, make sure it’s the right size.

1.  AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV|UV+ UF5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India

Colour: Black
Power Source:Corded Electric
Item Weight ‏ : ‎11 kg 700 g
Capacity:10 liters
Input Water Temperature:5°C to 45°C
Technology:5 Stage Purification
TDS :below 200|

Product Description :

  • UV purification in 5 stages
  • UV advance lamp
  • Press a button for hot water
  • Displays, digital
  • The Night Assist
  • Ultraviolet Life Alert

N A.O. Smith Z1 5 stage water purifier provides you with healthy water after you pass the pre-filter, sediment filter, silver activated carbon, UV lamp, and UFSS* (only for hot water). An 11 watt UV lamp gives you clean, healthy water without the use of chemicals. This lamp works well with water that has low TDS levels. The temperature of the hot water can be controlled between 45°C and 80°C using UV purification.

Information can be displayed easily and intelligently on a digital display. At night, the glow effect guides you to your water purifier and beautifies your kitchen. Notify you when it is time to change the UV Lamp.

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 2. KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India

Capacity:8 liters
Item Weight:8.50 kilograms
Multiple purifications:RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
Power: 60 watts
Warranty1 Year Warranty + 3 Years No Service Charge.

Product Description :

  • Control of TDS, RO, UV, UF, and multiple purification techniques
  • Water wastage is zero
  • A system for controlling TDS
  • Design for wall mounting
  • An operation that is fully automatic

Using RO+UV+UF+TDS Control, water is purified to remove even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts, making it 100% pure and safe for consumption. Purified water remains pure for longer periods of time when using the in-tank UV LED.

There is zero water waste during the purification process, as there is no water being wasted. Recirculating the rejected water through an overhead tank with its own water pump is how this is achieved.

This purifier can be used to purify brackish/tap water/municipal water supply. This water purifier has an 8-liter capacity, with a high purification capacity of 20 liters per hour. This water purifier requires less space for installation because of its compact design. The system operates fully automatically with on and off functions, ensuring that you don’t run out of pure water. Computer controlled to ensure long-lasting purity.

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 3. Mi Smart Water Purifier RO+UV, 7L5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India

Item Weight:6 kg 700 g
Power: 42 watts
Capacity:7 liters
Smart App Connectivity:yes
Warranty:1 year

Product Description :

  • Filters with a long lifespan
  • A smart app’s connectivity
  • Filter Replacement for Smart Water Purifier
  • Easily filter purchases with one click
  • 42-watt power supply

Purchase replacement filters with just a click- If the app alerts you that the filter needs to be replaced, you can buy them directly from the app. The filter of this water purifier lasts up to 12 months so you have years of enjoyment.

This product delivers 42 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts, pH range: 6.5-8.5, and Rated Frequency: 50Hz. The Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) utilizes a UV light inside the water tank to sterilize the water and kill 99.99% of bacteria. By doing this, all the water gets disinfected by the UV light, preventing water-borne diseases caused by microbes.

You can connect this water purifier to the Mi Home app using your Wi-Fi connection to enjoy its benefits. Change the filter yourself in less than 30 seconds. To enjoy its benefits, you can connect this water purifier to the Mi Home app with your Wi-Fi connection. Change the filter yourself in less than 30 seconds

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4. KENT Grand (11119) Wall-Mountable5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 7 kg 500 g
Capacity:8 liters
Multiple purifications:RO+UF+TDS Control
Warranty:1-year warranty + 3 years extended service free.

Product Description:

  • Water purified multiple times for 100% purity
  • RO Technology for Minerals
  • Minerals are included in this formula
  • Storage tank with UV LEDs
  • Capacity to store and purify high volumes of water
  • Indicator of the water level

With RO+UF+TDS Control, dissolved impurities, salts, and chemicals are destroyed and bacteria and viruses are killed resulting in 100% pure drinking water. KENT’s Mineral RO technology maintains natural minerals in purified water using its inbuilt TDS controller. The result is tasty drinking water with natural minerals.

Purified water is equipped with an integrated TDS controller so that desired natural minerals are retained. In its storage tank, the purified water is kept intact for a longer time with the help of an additional UV LED light.

It has a large capacity of 8 liters to meet the needs of the user. As well, the high purification rate of 20 liters per hour provides water at a faster rate. To keep track of the amount of purified water available in the storage tank, the advanced water purifier features a water level indicator. Anytime the purified water level drops, you can switch on the machine.

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 5. HULPureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India

Item Weight10 kg 500 g
Capacity10 litres
Multiple purifications:RO+UV+MF
Power: 36 watts

Product Description

  • Advanced 7-stage system
  • Purifies RO water and enriches it
  • TDS can be measured up to 2000 ppm.
  • HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver is the best on the market

Material tank type: Food grade engineered plastic, Operating voltage: 110-240V;50Hz, Wattage: 36, Input water temperature: 10 to 40 C.Providing 100% RO water, this water purifier uses 7-stage purification. This enhances the taste of water by adding essential minerals.

The dimensions of this product are length 45.5 cm, width 31.0 cm, and height 67.0 cm. The warranty is for 1 year. With a recovery rate of up to 60%, the HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver is the highest water-saving RO on the market. Comparatively to other ordinary ROs, it helps you save up to 80 glasses of water every day.

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FAQ Related to 5 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India

Which is better UV or UF?
With UV water purifiers, bacteria and viruses are killed, whereas, with UF water purifiers, viruses are blocked in hollow fiber membranes and are not released into the water.

Is UF important in water purifiers?
UF technology is different from UV technology because it works without electricity. A hollow membrane eliminates suspended solids, larger particles, and molecules from the water. The bacteria and microorganisms are killed and eliminated, but dissolved solids aren’t gotten rid of by this sort of water purifier.

Should we use an RO water purifier?
In our previous discussion, we concluded that RO purifiers should only be purchased if the water to be purified has a high TDS level. For safe drinking water, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specifies a maximum TDS limit of 500 ppm. TDS levels under 500 ppm do not require RO purification.


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