Boat 162 Earphones Review (2023)

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Boat 162 Earphones Review (2023)

In today’s this post, we are talking about the boat Basshead 162 Earphones Review. let’s unbox this and see all the contents of the box and then we will talk about the design, build quality, the sound quality of the earphones. Highlight features it has super extra bass, inline mic for calls which is great, angled 3.5 mm jack. And braided tangle free cable. It also says the MRP of the device which is 1299 rupees. But you can get this for under 400 to 500 rupees.

Physical overview:
So the first impression is that the earphones feel very lightweight and this would be very convenient to use. We also have an inline mic to answer calls. But there is only one button which you can use to answer calls or reject calls. And there is no volume control on the in line mic. We also have a braided tangle-free cable. So this would be very good. And we have a 90-degree 3.5 mm jack.


Item Weight:‎12.7 gram
Tangle-Free Cord:Yes
Drivers:10 mm
Wired length:1 meter
3.5 mm jack shape:L-shape
3.5mm gold plated:Yes
Available On:Buy On Amazon

So for the design, they are very lightweight earphones. You can easily put them into your ears and forget that you are wearing any earphones. And they roughly weigh around 5 to 10 grams and they are also quite comfortable earphones. I was able to listen to them for a long time like for two hours without any pain. Along with the lightweight design.

Boat 162 Earphones Review Build quality:
The Boat basshead 162 Earphones is made of plastic. Unlike the boat bassheads at 152 which for metal earphones. These earphones feel a little plastic and I am a bit skeptical about the build quality. So let’s see how long they last. Now with the earphones, we also get a 1.2 meter long braided tangle-free cable so you don’t have to worry about the cable itself.

We also get an inline mic with a button to answer calls/change songs and for using Google Assistant or Siri. Unfortunately, we don’t get any volume rocker to adjust a volume but this is all that we get. And just like any other inline mic on any earphone these also just sound decent.Boat 162 Earphones Review

Sound & Bass quality:
The boat basshead 162 are pretty decent sounding earphones. They produce an excellent frequency response with excellent bass. Although I accept that they have a very good bass response when it comes to high frequencies they lacked a little bit in high frequencies. The songs sound a little bit muddy. If you are the one who prefers to listen to extra bass then you will find joy using these earphones. But if you are like me who listen to very balanced songs, a very balanced frequency response then you might not like these earphones. Read also Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 162 Comparison

Pros &  Cons:

The sound quality is a very good price point of view.One button
3.5mm gold platedplastic material
3.5 mm jack L-shapeNo metal earbuds
Drivers:10 mmNo volume rockers
Wired length is 1 meter


The price of these earphones is 500 rupees. You can also check it out from the links down below. But for the price, if you don’t want to spend too much money on an earphone then these are pretty decent sounding earphones for under 400 to 500 rupees.

boat Basshead 162:Buy On Amazon

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