Boat Bassheads 100 Vs 225 Comparison (2023)

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Boat Bassheads 100 Vs 225 Comparison 2023

Comparison Tables:
Boat Bassheads 100Boat Bassheads 225
Item Weight:14 gram50 gram
Drivers:10 mm10 mm
Warranty:1 year1 year
3.5mm jack:Gold plating  straight jackGold plated Angled jack
Noise isolation:YesYes
Cable length:0.7 meters1.2 meters
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Microphone quality:
The microphone from the Boat Bassheads 225 and the audio again rectangular listening is being recorded by this Boat Bassheads 225 built-in microphones and again this is how it sounds when I keep the microphone close to my mouth while talking and this is how it sounds when I keep the microphone slightly away from my mouth.
Boat Bassheads 100 Vs 225

Bass quality:
The bass quality as the name suggests both are meant for bass heads but which one has better bass, which does not muddle the music well the real winner is the Boat 255. So does that mean Boat 100 does not have a good pace well no let me explain it in a short.

When it comes to the only bass it’s 225 our best but if you want not only punchy bass but also clear mids and highs then the bass heads 100 has a good advantage and that is why I would choose bass hits 100 as the winner with regards to bass quality it is very balanced in my opinion but still, if you are okay with the very high bass with sometimes muddled clarity then you can go with the Boat 225.

Now more you want to travel if we listen to songs which have a bit of treble in it or if you like treble in your music then go with Boat Bassheads 100 again because you do the fact that it has a balanced sound it can boost up your treble most of the time also you can enjoy it more if you play a little bit with the equalizer.

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SO Conclusion:

I saw in the comparison BOAT 100 in most of the categories. So definitely it is the clear winner here but then why should you buy BOAT  225 well if you want high bass better build quality and also a less tangled cable then you can buy BOAT 225. Overall both of them are very good again the sound is a very subjective concept so what I like may not be liked by you so decide what types of music you listen to and then make your decision. This is the end of the Boat Bassheads 100 Vs 225 Comparison.

Boat Bassheads 100Boat Bassheads 225
Boat Bassheads 100 Vs 225Boat Bassheads 100 Vs 225
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