Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 Comparison (June 2021)

Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 Comparison

Today I will be comparing Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 Comparison.The newly launched boat basshead 152 the best-selling budget earphone that is both boat basshead 225. So without wasting any further time let’s get started. Let’s start with a box that contains both earphones that come with the NAME earphone obviously extra ear tips in the small medium and large warranty manual and that’s it.

physical overview :
The housing of boat  basshead  225 is constructed totally on metal which feels very sturdy and durable and has also a little bit of heft to it due to which your phone sometimes comes out when there are minor accidental pulls and not comfortable for longer durations.

On the other hand housing of boat  basshead  152 is constructed on some kind of metal. I believe the Medina section is in plastic over all your phone has an angular design.

Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 Comparison India

Comfortable and Design :
It feels extremely lightweight super comfortable and can be used for longer duration wire of boat basshead  225 is made up of rubbery finish and flat profile which is also tangle-free.On the other hand boat basshead  152 comes with rubbery finish wire on top and raised is made up of braided finish.

It is also a tangle-free wire well I have seen many people are complaining that our boat may have given entire wear braided but I am happy with this combination because when I am walking or traveling but not using my ear fur.I generally hang it around my neck and due to the robbery finish, this part is much more soft and smooth as compared to the braided part so as a result, it does not feel disturbing.

Build Quality and Inline Remote :
So I have no complaints there in my opinion boat basshead feels very strong and good quality will give you longer life in both the cases bother boat basshead comes with a single button to pause or play receive and end calls paired with a microphone also both earphones comes with gold-plated 3.5 mm jack and boat basshead are angular types gold-plated ensures better connectivity and better sound output via output jack and now comes the most awaited part that is sound.

I will divide the sound signature into three types first the sound stage or sound loudness second treble and lastly the bass visits 152 and 225 has high loudness very powerful punchy and enjoyable one thing I have to say I have to tweak some settings in my equalizer for boat basshead  152 and the outcome were on point initially I was not getting desirable output from boat basshead  152 but after some tweaking I was impressed.

Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 Comparison India

Sounds quality :
So in the round of soundstage or sound loudness put the earphones all trade next comes the treble boat basshead  225 has an adequate amount of treble but boat basshead  152 just blows SH 2 25 in trail yes besides 152 has more reach bright and clear. It travels as compared to 225 don’t get me wrong 2 25 has adequate treble but 152 has some more punch to it and lastly the bass again both the earphones has a solid base in them but but but port 225 has much more polished enjoyable and bombastic bass whereas on the other hand boat basshead  152 has also good quality bass but lacks some kind of Polishness in them if I compare with Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 creates enough and a good amount of best but just cannot match the overall bass performance of bass it’s 225.

Specifications Comparison Table:

Boat Bassheads 152Boat Bassheads  225
Item Weight:13 gram14 gram
Mic: yesyes
Wire type:Braidedflat
 Wire length: 1.2 meter1.2 meter
3.5mm gold plated:yesyes
3.5mm jack shape:
L shapeL shape
10 mm10 mm
1 Year1 Year

Price boat basshead  152 sells for around 399 to 500 Indian rupees whereas boat basshead  225 sells for 450 to 550 Indian rupees and both the products come under a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

My Opinion :
Which is a great thing in my opinion because some other companies provide 6 months of warranty for budget your thoughts so what’s the conclusion should you buy Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 Comparison to be very honest both the products come with some pros and some cons to one another both 225 are not comfortable for a longer duration. your phones come out easily during minor accidental pools whereas spaces 152 is very much comfortable lightweight and can be used for a longer duration overall this output is much better in Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 is not up to that mark it is there in 152 but 225 is slightly better.

SO Conclusion:

If you ask me I will lean towards Boat Bassheads 152 Vs 225 Comparison because I can sacrifice a little bit of bass output over lightweight and user comfort but if you are planning to buy 225 it is also a very good earphone. If you are planning to buy any one of these I will Provide links in the give below.

Boat Bassheads 152Boat Bassheads 255
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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I really satisfied. So I chose boat 152. 225 not comfortable for ear long time.


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