Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro Comparison (may 2021)

Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro Comparison 2021

So these are the bot rockers 255 and these are the 255 Pro which is the updated version of these earphones. In this post, we will be Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro Comparison and also talking about all the updates and which one you should buy.

All of you guys would have some confusion about Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro of these earphones the differences between the two and which is the best value for money so here we are today we will compare Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro. I’ll clear all of the confusion and that we will discuss all the differences between the 2 earphones.

similarities :
let’s talk about the similarities between the two earphones starting with the design they are almost identical looking earphones. There are a few design elements here and there like this boat logo on the side and this straight below the LED light. This also means that the belt quality is similar and great both your phones are solid built now aside from some new features on the pro model.

There are certain features which are similar between the both of these earphones like CVC noise cancellation mic a2dp technology connects two devices simultaneously magnetic birds and IP x5 port rating other than features both have inline buttons for skipping tracks and adjusting the volume and The quality of both of these earphones is pretty much the same.Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro Comparison

Sound quality:
The least talking about the sound quality both of these earphones have the same 10 millimeter driver which produces same sound quality what everybody would be like to Shivam what’s the difference then ok for the difference between the 255 and the pro model, first of all, there are some extra color options that you can pick on the pro model only on the known pro model .you only get black red green and glue and all those color options are in dual tone and the pro model comes in peel blue black yellow and black red color.

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what is the difference between  Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro?
So that’s the first difference second difference you will find is in the features on the boat rock is 255 Pro you will get additional features first it has Qualcomm 3003 chipset with Bluetooth 5.0 which is a major upgrade from the Qualcomm CS are eight six three five chip and Bluetooth 4.1 from the non pro model.

So this means a more stable connection and less latency and another major upgrade is in the battery section this time. They have added fast charging technology all the battery is again the same the 110 milliamp hour with a playtime of roughly 6 hours but instead of taking like one and a half hours to charge full now this battery can be charged in 1r which is great. So those are all the upgrades

Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro Comparison

let’s discuss the worth what proportion money you’ve got to pay extra for these updates boat rockers 255 are priced at 1000  to 1299  and sometimes you can even get these on Lightning Deals for just 1000 rupees but none of us have this kind of luck but for the pro model you have to pay 1499 rupees.

When it first launched they were at 1399 and rupees but ignoring that you are paying around 100 to 200 rupees extra for these upgrades for colors. The Qualcomm 3003 chip bluetooth 5.0 and last but not the smallest amount fast charging so it’s all up to you if you wish to spend 100 or 200 rupees.

SO Conclusion:

So this is the end of Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro Comparison. But if you ask me I’ll get the pro model although I’ll wait some time to get some Lightning Deals. I’ll be the little extra money for the fast charging over the course of time saving that extra 30 minutes will give my money back but anyways you can check out the current price from the links down below.

Boat Rockerz 255 Boat Rockerz 255 pro
Boat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro ComparisonBoat Rockerz 255 Vs 255 Pro Comparison
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