Boat Rugby Vs Boat Stone 650 Comparison (2023)

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Boat Rugby Vs Boat Stone 650 Comparison (2023)

In this post today, we are comparing boat rugby vs boat stone 650. These have a number of similar features like battery backup, Ipx rating, etc. We also see what difference between boat rugby and boat stone 650 and  It helps to you choose the best bluetooth speaker.

The board rugby now literally looks like a game of rugby and it’s got kind of a weird shape but it’s not too heavy and it’s easy to carry around.

The boat stored 650 now this has always been my favorite speaker in terms of the most robust build quality it is also fairly easy to carry I think it’s just a tad bit heavier than the boat rugby.

Comparison table:

Boat RugbyBoat Stone 650
Bluetooth:2.1 V4.2 V
Item Weight:‎470 g‎655 g
Wattage:10 Watts10 Watts
Mounting Type:‎Table TopTable Top
Battery Average Life:8 Hours (70% volume)7 Hours (50% volume)
Full Charging:2.5 hours2 hours
Color option:23
FM Mode:NoNo
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In the boat Rugby on top, we have our buttons power, button volume down, the play/pause, answering/call ending call buttons, and also long pressing this will search for Bluetooth devices and the volume up button and also these two buttons can be used to change your tracks going to the next track or the previous track.

In the Boat Stone 650 on the side, you have the power button. We have also the Bluetooth button for pairing and unbarring a device. This button is for play pause answering and ending colors volume controls and also to be used for going to the next track or the previous track.

The boat Rugby has your microphone, you have your micro USB port for charging, and an aux port to plug in a 3.5 mm cable. If you want to use a non Bluetooth source to play music on the speaker. You do not get any FM or USB port and you do not get a plug in a pen drive to play.

Boat Stone 650 you’ve got USB and lining so basically you have micro USB for charging this device and an aux port like I said same as this to plug in your 3pi 3.5 mm jack and use it with a non bluetooth audio source so pretty basic connectivity. There is no FM no USB 2 to plug in your pen drive.

Boat Rugby has 1800 mAh battery capacity and you can get more or less by to 8 hours of playback in 70% volume. If you keep the volume from 50 to 70% 70% is the max. If you want to get the best battery life out of it but a hundred percent it wouldn’t last you that long.

Amazon showing boat stone 650 has 1200mah but I check the boat official website is showing it has 1800 mah. You get continuous playback but keeping the volume to around  50 percent you get up to 7 playbacks. But at a 100% percent volume, you get around 5 and 6 hours of continuous playback.

Sound & bass quality:
It won’t do real justice but my spontaneous and honest opinion is that the output the volume for both of these are the same. Because they have 10 watts of output but as for the boat rugby I
found that the mids and highs are a bit more forward and bright compared to that of the boat stone 650.

But the boat stone 650  space is a little more rounded and a little more pronounced than the boat rugby this does produce a  decent amount of piece. I wouldn’t say it’s great but it’s decent this is just a tad bit better in terms of peace but the mids and highs are not as bright as that of the boat rugby.

Overall better sound experience no harsh highs low harsh myths and without any distortion, in the bass. This gives you much brighter sorry not much brighter but in comparison to the boat stone 650 the boat rugby gives you more forward mids and highs and little subdued lows. So in short if you do want to give that little extra point for bass then I even to the boat stone 650 along with very good mids and highs a very balanced sound.

The price of boat Rugby you get this for around under 1500 to 1600 rupees and if you have extra budgets you will go with boat stone 650 you will get under 2000 rupees. You check the links to both of these in the give below you can check them out for the latest prices.

Pros and cons of Boat Rugby:

Value for moneyBluetooth v 2.1
up to 8 Hours (70% volume)Not water-resistant.
Audio Input via AUXFull Charge in about 2.5 hours
light and portable

Pros and cons of Boat Stone 650:

Pros cons
Bluetooth v 4.2up to 7 hours (50% volume)
PX6 marked water, dust & shock resistantIt is too heavy compared to Boat Rugby
Audio Input via AUX & SD Card
Full Charge in about 2 hours

My opinion:

If you want something that’s built very solid and has an IPX rating which is very free in your water then go for the boat stone 650. The ends of comparison between the Boat Rugby Vs Boat Stone 650. If you want to be read  Boat Stone 650 VS Boat Stone SpinX 2.0 and if you have any other questions to let me know in the comments below I’ll try to help.

Boat RugbyBoat Stone 650
This images about of Boat Rugby. It is a Bluetooth speakerthis images about of Boat stone 650. It is a Bluetooth speaker
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