Boat Stone 650 Vs Boat Stone 700 Comparison (2023)

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Boat Stone 650 Vs Boat Stone 700 Comparison 2023

In this post, we are going to compare the Boat Stone 650 Vs Boat Stone 700. In front of you this is the boat stone 650 and this is the boat stone 700 and first, we’re going to talk about the build quality, sound quality, bass quality, etc. let start.

Build quality & design:
The build quality and design both these speakers build quality wise both these speakers are made out of different materials like the boat stone 700 has some rubber into it the buttons the bottom part. This green stuff is made out of rubber on the sides and everything is made out of plastic which is agate like the front part the rear part is made out of metal.

It’s super rugged it’s very rugged you have done a proper drop test of this speaker is holding up pretty well. It’s still banging that base you can see it has got lots of you can see over here lots of knickknacks over here and there on this speaker because the top test was hard but this is holding up pretty well.

The shell the quality of this device is too good you see both of these speakers from the same brand look very different like the specs are very similar. They both are a 10-watt speaker but see they look so much different they look so much attractive that’s what I like about both they make some outstanding speakers like the design on both these because a super-awesome the boat stone 650 has this wraparound grille which is also a very nice thought.

In my opinion:
This looks pretty unique and this is a very eye-catching look this diamond-cut grille design also here makes it pretty awesome the sides are made out of rubber which makes the speaker rugged not as I forget has this speaker but this is a little bit right here because this can get dented up pretty easily. Because this is all metal over here in the bottom part you can see this is the tripod mount on the sides you have the button layout on the 700 you have the butternut on the top over here.

If you want to hang the speaker somewhere so you get a hook also on the speaker itself and since the design was also both these speakers look pretty bomb in my opinion. They look very different from each other they’re just pretty awesome in my opinion. They’re both very eye-catching speakers that’s where these boat because of very popular both have done a great job when it comes to design and keeping the speaker’s look very different from each other.

Boat Stone 650 Vs Boat Stone 700 Comparison table:

Boat Stone 650Boat Stone 700
Battery Life:7 Hours8 Hours
Item Weight:144 Grams505 Grams
Bluetooth: v 4.2 v 4.2
Audio Wattage:10 Watts10 Watts
Warranty:1 year1 year
Battery Capacity:
1800 mAh2000 mAh
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Battery and Features:
The batteries on both these speakers are very different this is an 1800 mAh battery on the 650 and on the 700 it’s 2,000 mAh .so the playtime on the 650 is about 7 hours and the playtime on the boat is about 8 to 9 as I think so at full volume.

Both these speakers are very similar in terms of features also both these speakers are of 10 words both these speakers get the latest Bluetooth both these speakers support microphones and we can pick up calls from both these speakers. Over here both these because of what resistant this is I pick where this is a rated IPX6.

Boat Stone 650 Vs Boat Stone 700 Comparison

Sound & Bass quality:
The sounds from both these speakers are good. So on quality-wise, there was no distortion in any way at all and these are boat speakers you don’t get any distorted sound. It’s that good the beats were true good you can hear each and every beat he can hear each and everything what that thing about sinking at full volume. But when we talk about the loudness and bass specifically the boat’s tone 650 is very head than the boat stone 700.

I know most of you will be like why there is this much difference in sound and put these speakers are 10 watts they are very similar. I know but this is a one-year-old speaker boat that has come a long way and this is what they have got here in 2019 so the 650 has a better sound like it’s louder the base on the 650 is superb. If you are in the market for a speaker under 2,000 rupees so as you were talking about these speakers the boat stones 650 is a better package in comparison to the 700 because it sounds better the bass is damn good which I love.

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SO Conclusion:

It’s priced also a lesser than the boat stone 700. It’s about 3 to 4 hundred rupees lesser than the 700 and you get a variety of colors on this speaker and I don’t think that you should spend a little bit more money on the speaker because it’s not worth it you get the better sound you get a great design the battery is the only thing where it is less in comparison to the boat from 700 but it’s okay 200 mAh it’s not a big difference.

In my opinion, so friends in this video the perfect winner is the boat stone 650. This is the end of comparison boat stone 700 vs boat stone 650. If you buy any of these because you can see there’s a link in the give below.

Boat Stone 650Boat Stone 700
Boat Stone 650 Vs Boat Stone 700 Comparison Boat Stone 650 Vs Boat Stone 700 Comparison
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