Boat Stone 650 VS Boat Stone SpinX 2.0 Comparison (2023)

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Boat Stone 650 VS Boat Stone SpinX 2.0 Comparison 2023

In this post, we are going to compare the Boat Stone 650 VS Boat Stone SpinX 2.0. Both bluetooth speakers come from a boat company. Both these speakers in front of you this is the Boat Stone SpinX 2.0 and this is the boat stone 650. We are talking about Design, Battery, Build quality, price, Sound & Bass quality let started.

Boat stone 650 has this great diamond finish to it the sides are made out of rubber the bottom plate you can see this is also a metal plate over here with this tripod mount its total metal. Boat Stone SpinX 2.0  more portable the design on the spin X is a cylindrical design which’s why it’s portable.

The Boat Stone SpinX 2.0 has 2000 mAh and Boat Stone 650 has 1800 mAh.The playtime on the boat 650 is about 7 hours and the playtime on the spin X is about 8 hours but not much of a difference of an hour difference it’s okay in my opinion.

Both these speakers are very similar like you get the latest Bluetooth on both these speakers 4.2.BoAt Stone 650 is a 10 watts speaker and the boat stone spinX 2.0 is a 12 watts speaker which gives you a 360 kind of sound. You can connect to both those speakers together and sync up single music on to those speakers that are the main feature which this one has the Phoenix and the BoAt 650 have SD card slots both these speakers are what resistant to IPX5.

Comparison Table:

Boat Stone 650 Boat Stone SpinX 2.0
Item Weight: 675 grams600 gram
Battery:up to 7 hoursup to 8 hours
Bluetooth :4.2v4.2v
Water-resistant:IPX5 markedIPX6 marked
Battery capacity:
1800mAh 2000mAh
Audio Wattage:
10 watts12 watts
1 year1 yea
Full Charge:2.5 hours 3.5 hours
Material:metalfabric & rubber
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Build quality:
Both these speakers build quality wise both these speakers are made out of different materials. The Boat Stone SpinX 2.0 is made out of fabric rubber and a little bit of plastic. On the back of the speaker, you also get a tripod mount. The Boat Stone  650 is made out of metal over here the grille is made out of metal. On the bottom but you still get a tripod mount on this speaker also the sides are made out of rubber.

Boat Stone 650 VS Boat Stone SpinX 2.0

Build quality of both these speakers are just super. They both are built like a tank but if you’re in the market for a premium speaker you feel good. Which feels more high-quality like materials used should be more premium not normal materials like metal rubber.

which is more portability?
Everywhere you can go for the boat Stone SpinX 2.0 because you can see over here this material feels more premium than Boat Stone 650 material. I think SpinX 2.0 one is more rugged than 650 because the metal grille over here can get dented up pretty easily.

If the boat 650 falls on the other hand nothing will happen to Boat SpinX 2.0 because the fabric is very high quality will not get there up that easily. Both these speakers are just too good because of portability wise I feel like the boat  SpinX 2.0 is more portable than the speaker.

Sound & Bass quality:
The sounds from both these speakers are very clear. It didn’t have any kind of distortion at full volume. The bass was damn good you can feel that bass also from both these because they didn’t have any kind of distortion. It was very clear but when we talk specifically about the bass and the loudness. I feel like the boat stone 650 is a loud roar and a bass here speaker in comparison to the Spinx 2.0 I know this is a 12W and boat 650 is a 10W speaker but still, this is louder. The bass on boat 650 one is more punchy than the spin X.

The value-for-money thing also boat 650 speaker has all the features which the speaker has I know 200 mAh less battery. You get IPx5 it’s not as premium as this one because it doesn’t feel that premium if this is a heavier one but it’s ok no opinion you save a lot of money. If you buy this one this is a value from when you speak boat 650 is under 2000 rupees and Spinx 2.0  is over 2500 rupees you save a lot of money if you go for boat 650 speaker and in this comparison.

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SO Conclusion:

Boat 650 is the perfect winner for me because it’s value for money you get all those stuff I’ve explained to everything and friends if you want to buy any of these speakers the links are in the give below.

Boat Stone 650Boat Stone SpinX 2.0
Boat Stone 650 VS Boat Stone SpinX 2.0 Boat Stone 650 VS Boat Stone SpinX 2.0
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