How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4

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How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4

Video games are popular among many people. Those who have access to a PC are currently choosing to play PC games whilst those who do not have one are playing gaming consoles such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, with PS-4 being among the more suitable gaming consoles to play with high-resolution games through.

Whatever your gaming preferences, free-to-play games, strategy-based games, games, or open world games such as GTA 5, you’ll surely enjoy playing these games on your most giant screen at home. You can also put your notebook on the PS4 as a monitor. However, if you do not have an LCD or LED display available in your house, you can use the notebook as a screen.

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How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4

1.Using Capture Card

There are two ways to implement video cards. The first way is through video cards. It is not a complex system; however, you need to be prepared to make some expenditures to install all of the necessary hardware in your setting.

The laptop, video capture card, wifi or ethernet connection, document sharing compatibility, an HDMI cable, and a specialized app for the device are the essential components you will need for the video capture device.

To gain access to an internet connection, you must first turn on the PS-4’s document sharing option, found on the PS-4’s menu under the setting tabs.

In case you are unable to access the internet wirelessly, you may access the PS-4 with a router and arrange for it to join the computer. As soon as you run the program, you can now communicate between the PS-4 and the computer.

The video capture card needs to be connected to your notebook through the USB port. These cards are easy to set up, and the software is as well. The video cards come with instructions on how to do this.

To add the video card to the PS-4 machine, you should have access to a video connection at your stores and take the video connection to the store.

An HDMI-Out will join the PS4 gaming system, so pay attention to the HDMI connection with the catch card. You may need to switch to the PS-4; the computer software will likely recognize it and automatically display it on your notebook screen.

2.OBS Recoring Software

For a highly convenient feature set, advancements, and professionalism, OBS is also worth considering as professionals have used it for years.

OBS could be captured or used just as quickly as anyone thinks; check it out!

Get PS4 remote play installed and join it to your PS4. On OBS, click the add a menu, then select the window capture option. On the next screen, click okay to create a PlayStation 4 frame-by-frame capture.

One could obtain just about any customized recording results with the open broadcaster software by simply changing the settings.

The playback of gameplay on a PS-4 console was managed more effectively with OBS recording applications and capturing gameplay with a built-in capture function.

Make sure that you choose the option or procedure that best suits your needs and abilities. These above mentioned quick and straightforward ways will save you a lot of cash on your card.


The PS-4 has high graphics and does not have any bugs, which gives you the chance to enjoy modern-day games. With all PS4 consoles, you don’t have to purchase picture cards that demand a high resolution or high pixel picture card each year to play with a new game. Therefore, the PS4 is incredibly affordable and is made specifically for gamers who love games.

In case you do not possess an LCD or LED television in your home, you can still use a notebook as a track for PS-4. Another smart solution that will save you money and also keep the screen on the wall.


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