JBL C200SI Vs C100SI Comparisons (June 2021)

JBL C200SI Vs C100SI Comparisons 2021

JBL C200SI and  C100SI were the most rated headphones on Amazon. As you can see it has over 15,000 customer ratings. So JBL company decided to update this model with the JBL C200SI. So in this post, we are going to compare the JBL C200SI Vs C100SI Comparisons which is best?

In the box:
The box looks pretty clean and as you can see both earphones are sitting nicely in the package. These earphones do have an inline mic with a button to answer the calls and media control. Now inside the box, we get the extra ear tips for a precise fit and user manuals for noobs.

The design of the JBL C200SI earphones is Premium Metallic Finish like traditional earphones. JBL C200SI is also a very similar design to the JBL C100SI. Both of earphone has angled fit earbuds. Both of earphone provides Small earpieces fit easily into your ears without any complex procedure. So everybody has their own favorite color and the JBL C200SI and  JBL C100SI come in 3 different colors.

Lightweight & Comfortable:
They also don’t stick out too much of the years and already less noticeable for all of you those stealthy people out there. The JBL C200SI are very lightweight headphones. These headphones Weight around 18 grams and the included comfy ear tips. JBL C200SI is very comfortable that you can easily listen to them for long periods of time. But it should not be doing that as this will just make you deaf.

JBL C200SI Vs C100SI Comparisons

Build quality:
The build quality on JBL C200SI is great. Both earphones are made to last long and earpieces are made of very hard plastic material which makes them one of the most durable earphones. Because using plastic makes them very lightweight for all-day usage.


Comparisons Tables:

Item Weight:18 gram50 gram
3.5mm Jack:Gold Plated Gold Plated
Button:single single
Control Type:Noise ControlNoise Control
warranty:1 year1 year


Connections :
Both earphones offer a 3.5 mm gold-plated jack which is hanging at the tip of the 4ft long soft-touch tangle free cable. That was a mouthful of words. similar to the JBL C100SI, we do get the inline mic and extremely tactile button which may answer calls and also works as a media remote for play/pause and changing songs.

Sound & Bass quality:
The in-ear earphone types of paying attention to they’re all this killing and burning the ears but trying these out was an excellent experience on behalf of me. The bass is so high frequencies were very pleasingly set it up. Both the JBL C100SI and therefore the JBL C200SI have a 9mm driver. But on The JBL C200SI, the low-end is way more clearer and therefore the high frequencies are very soft compared to the JBL C100SI. this can be the kind of frequency response that I prefer to pay attention to but some people might find that the high frequencies are less present.mBut everyone should own their taste.

JBL C200SI Vs C100SI Comparisons

When comparing JBL C200SI with the JBL C100SI you may see some huge improvement within the clarity. The JBL C200SI is way more clearer and therefore the bass response on these is way more powerful than the JBL C100SI. Another major update from the JBL C100SI is passive noise isolation. The JBL C200SI is meant to form a far more tight fit into the ears which creates good isolation and as result, you’ll easily enjoy your music with no outside disturbance.

The JBL C200SI headphones are priced at Rs 700 to 800 and therefore the JBL C100SI is 600 to 700 rupees. So there’s Rs. 100 price difference. But there are always lightning deals happening or an Amazon on these products. And you’ll try the links down below the outline to work out the price of those products. Now if you request from me JBL C200Si are any better than the JBL C100SI? Then I’ll definitely say yes, they’re far better than the JBL C100SI.

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SO Conclusion:

The sound is way more clear the propensity response is awesome and therefore the bass response is far more powerful than the JBL C100SI. Now if you are looking for earphones under 1000 rupees, then JBL C200SI is going to be the most effective option for you, but if you have already got the JBL C100SI then you may not see how huge improvement on these because the difference is barely noticeable once you hear these side to the side.

JBL C200SI Vs C100SI ComparisonsJBL C200SI Vs C100SI Comparisons
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