JBL C200SI Vs Sennheiser Cx 180 Comparison (2023)

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JBL C200SI Vs Sennheiser Cx 180 Comparison 2023

Some people asked is CX 180 is better than the JBL C200si or JBL C200si is better than the CX 180. But in today’s post, we will clear all this out. I will be comparing all of the two famous earphones and let’s see who’s the best budget earphones and under 1000 rupees.

Also, these two earphones are roughly around 1000 rupees. So we won’t be talking about the price in this post But what we will be discussing is a quick unboxing of all of these three earphones, design and ergonomics, build quality, inline mic, sound quality, and at the end of this post. we will clear which is the best earphones for you. In both boxes, we have the earphones themselves, some extra ear tips, and a user manual.

Both the earphones come with an ergonomic design. Sennheiser Cx 180 is made of metal but JBL has a Premium metal finish. An earphone which feels premium and at the same time comfortable to wear which you can wear all day long.

Jbl has angled in ear desgin where as Sennheiser Cx 180 has normal in ear desgin.JBL c200si comes with a lot of variant colour option but cx 180 come with single variant BlackGrey colour option is make very disappoint me.
And here winner isJBL C200SI.

3.5mm jack:
All earphone has 3.5mm gold plating jack but JBL c200si gold plating is fade after 2 to 3 month. In Sennheiser Cx 180 come to L-shape which is good for you but in jbl is not has L-shaped which is a good thing considering the price view.

Comparison Table:

JBL C200SISennheiser Cx 180
colour option:3one
Weight:‎18 gram‎68 gram
Wire length:1.2 meter1.2 meter
Bass drivers:9 mm11 mm
3.5 jack shape:straight shapeL shape
3.5mm gold plated
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All two earphones are good, you can easily wear them for a long time without having any pain in your ears. The C200si and CX 180 are sporty looking earphones and they feel a bit plasticky. Although this is just a personal preference and other factors that we are going to talk about in this video is more important than this.

JBL C200SI Vs Sennheiser Cx 180 Comparison

Build quality:
All the two earphones are made well. Although they are made up of plastic except for the jack and the inline mic.If you see jbl is looked like a metal finish but is made of plastic. In jbl the cable is thin compared to cx 180. Both these earphone cables are made of rubber. But otherwise, all the two earphones seem durable.

All the earphones have an inline mic & button but except for the CX 180 which doesn’t have one. Also, both of the remaining earphones have a single button to answer calls, play & pause songs/change songs and use Google Assistant or Siri.

Important Note:
In JBL come with Noise Cancelling Microphone & a single button to control whereas cx 180 there is no mic & Inline button control to music/call.

I think the inline mic on the JBL C200si sounds better. But those were all the less important factor and now let’s move to the most important thing which makes or breaks any audio device whether it is headphones earphones speaker or any audio device that is sound quality.

Sound quality :
The JBL c200si have good clarity but they produce a very exploding bass which is not my taste. Although some people might like this exploding bass, for my taste I think Sennheiser CX 180 has the right balance of both high frequencies and bass and also they are very clear at the same time.

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SO Conclusion:

So the best budget earphones under 1000 rupees title go to JBL C200SI. And you can find all of these 2 earphones in the links down below in the description to check them out. This end of JBL C200SI Vs Sennheiser Cx 180.

JBL C200SI Sennheiser Cx 180
JBL C200SI Vs Sennheiser Cx 180 ComparisonJBL C200SI Vs Sennheiser Cx 180 Comparison
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