JBL Go 2 Vs JBL Clip 3 Comparison (2023)

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JBL Go 2 Vs JBL Clip 3 Comparison (2023)

In this post, we’re going to be doing compare two famous bluetooth speakers between the jbl go 2 vs JBL clip 3.Both have come from the JBL company, and we have known that jbl is famous for making audio accessories.  let’s go see which one of these is the winner.

Both are completely different types of design. In the JBL go 2 you got a rectangle shape design whereas in JBL clip 3 you got a circle shape design. Both have come with portable designs but the jbl go 2  is easy to fits in your pocket and you can take it anywhere in a pocket. Whereas  JBL clip 3 you can easily carry in a bag or clipped to it.

Comparison Table:
JBL Go 2JBL Clip 3
Mic: Yes Yes
Speakers watts:3 watts3.3 watts
Item Weight:‎184 g220 g
Waterproof ratings:IPX 7IPX 7
Battery capacity:730 mAh1000 mAh
Battery life:up to 5 hoursup to 10 hours
Included Components:1 x Micro USB cable for charging & Warranty card1 x Micro USB Cable for Charging & Warranty card
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Build quality:
The jbl go 2 is made of plastic body with rubber material and in the front part, the mesh is made of metal whereas the jbl Clip 3 is made of plastic back with its soft rubber and its clip feels like a strong aluminum.JBL Go 2 Vs JBL Clip 3 Comparison

Both Bluetooth speakers have IPX7 Waterproof you can listen to songs in the bathroom. In the jbl go 2 provides 3 watts speakers whereas the jbl clip 3 provides  3.3 watts speakers so there are minimum differences in speaker watt. Both have a built-in mic so you can easily use google assistance & Siri and also Both have built-in noise-canceling it helps to receive a clear calling experience.

In jbl go 2 provides you 730 mAh battery capacity and clip 3 provides you 1000 mAh capacity. In the term of battery backup the go 2 give you non stops playback time of up to 5 hours is great whereas the clip 3 give you large battery playback time up to 10 hours so clip 3 give more battery capacity & playback time than go2.

There are big cons both have limited control. Both speakers have control to play/pause & volume increase & decrease button. Both have a power button one press off and this is one press off and also gives you a Bluetooth button. In clip 3 if long press the remote button to activate Google Assistant or Siri. . In the jbl clip 3  you got only 3 buttons to control music. I would both have very similar functionality.

Sound & bass quality:
The sound quality of the JBL go 2 is clear. In terms of bass, I give you full a 10 out of 10 room completely.  JBL go2 comes vibration because it has good bass when you are using this speaker keep in a safe place. The sound quality of clip 3  is also pretty good. It has a decent bass in a small speaker.

The JBL clip 3 does not have much bass but sounds very crisp and clear. Both speakers are small in size so do not expect loud sound. In terms of loudness, I would recommend clip 3 because it has more loudness than JBL go 2.

Pros & cons of JBL Go 2:

Very compact and lightweightup to 5 hours
Loud and clear
It comes with AUX input

Pros & cons of JBL Clip 3:

Pros cons
up to 10 hoursDecent bass
U can easily carry in a bag or clipped to it
Balanced and Powerful Sound

SO Conclusion:

So there’s a real winner is JBL clip 3. It has a large battery and is very ultra-portable. Overall JBL clip 3 is better than go 2.Both the speaker has minimum different. If your budget is high then go with clip 3 and if your budget is low then with Go 2.

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JBL Go 2JBL Clip 3
JBL Go 2 Vs JBL Clip 3 ComparisonJBL Go 2 Vs JBL Clip 3 Comparison
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