JBL Go 2 Vs Portronics Sound Drum Comparison (2023)

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JBL Go 2 Vs Portronics Sound Drum Comparison 2023

In this post, we are going to compare the newly launched JBL GO 2 with our best budget speaker the Portronics Sound Drum so let’s as you can see I’ve lined up both these speakers in front of you and first of all talk about the build quality, battery, waterproof, features and design of both these speakers.

The designs on both these speakers are also very different the JBL GO 2 looks very portable because of its various kind of design not actually square as you can see the sides are pretty much curved on top of it and the bottom is also curved which makes it look better then it’s radius is all but in front of us.

We have this Portronics Sound Drum as you can see this is a cylindrical shape given to the speaker which also looks pretty dope is also very portable. But as you can see the G will go to is more portable and more pocket-friendly in my opinion than the Portronics Sound Drum.

Build quality:
Build quality of both these speakers are made out of different materials like on the Portronics Sound Drum  you can see this is made out of fabric on the top this part is made out of plastic and the upper part is also made out of plastic.

The JBL Go 2 is made out of rubber like the whole housing is made out of this high-quality robust rubber which makes the speaker feel very very rugged and can take a lot of beating so both these because of holding up pretty well in my opinion.

JBL Go 2 Vs Portronics Sound Drum Comparison Table:

JBL Go 2Portronics Sound Drum
Item Weight:184 gram330 gram
Speakers:3 Watts10 Watts
Bluetooth:4.0 version4.2 version
Battery capacity:730mAh1800mAh
Battery life:up to 5 Hoursup to 7 hours
IP rating:IPX7No mention
Noise Cancelling:YesNo
Charge time:1.5 Hours1-2 Hours
Warranty:1 year1 year
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I have been using the Portronics Sound Drum for a pretty long time now for three months. I think so and the fabric is holding up pretty well both these speakers are water-resistant not both because this is what resistant this is proper waterproof speaker ipx7 waterproof certification for the JBL GO 2. This is a water resistant speaker so this is also holding up pretty well in my opinion. The build quality on both these speakers is top knots both these speakers feel very high quality in my opinion.

JBL Go 2 Vs Portronics Sound Drum Comparison

Both these speakers have a lot of similarities like they both are using the latest Bluetooth, both these speakers have auto shutdown features, both the speakers get oxfords, etc. The great part about the Portronics Sound Drum is that you get a USB port also at the back so if you’re that guy storing all your music in your Pendrive we can just plug in your Pendrive to listen to music personally I haven’t used that port for a very long time.

The batteries on both these speakers are very different. The JBL Go 2, it’s a 730mAh battery capacity and on the Portronics Sound Drum it’s 1800mAh battery capacity. But the playtime is similar yes the playtime on both these speakers is very similar to JBL GO 2 and the Portronics Sound Drum is having a playtime of 5 to 7 hours at full volume.

Sound &Bass Quality:
The sound from both these speakers was too good like they were phenomenal. they didn’t have any kind of distortion. the voice was very clear you can hear each and every line the singer was singing and the bass on the table go to 4 at 3-watt speaker was phenomenal in my opinion.

It was too good for a 3-watt speaker and as you can see on the bottom as I’ve shown in the Sounders we can see get these stand kind of a thing which keeps the speaker very stable this is the type of details you get in a JBL speaker you got the same thing over here in the bottom but this doesn’t do that great of a job but still, the G will go to for a three-word speaker was a very loud speaker compared to the Portronics Sound Drum. it was not that loud because the Portronics Sound Drum is a 10-watt speaker and the bass also the JBL GO 2 is perfect for the proportion of size.

We consider the prices of both these speakers there is a lot of difference in the price range like this JBL speaker is very much expensive in comparison to the Portronics Sound Drum and the Portronics Sound Drum is a very practical speaker as you know.

It’s that loud and extra money you’re paying is for this JBL. The JBLvalue you want a branded speaker if photonics is also brand but still, this JBL is more costly than this brand and the sheer respect of this brand in the market in comparison to this brand is better in my opinion.

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SO Conclusion:

I think in this comparison the Portronics Sound Drum is a definite winner for me it’s just a super package in my opinion. But if you still want to buy the JBL GO 2 you can go for the JBL GO 2 because that’s also a good speaker in my opinion.

I think Portronics Sound Drum is better sounding but the clarity the base for a small very portable speaker. If you are going for the JBL Go 2 it’s a superb speak so you can go for that too but in my opinion, I still think that the Portronics Sound Drum is the perfect winner in this comparison. This end of JBL Go 2 Vs Portronics Sound Drum

JBL Go 2 Portronics Sound Drum
JBL Go 2 Vs Portronics Sound Drum ComparisonJBL Go 2 Vs Portronics Sound Drum Comparison
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