JBL Infinity Fuze 100 Vs Boat Stone 170 Comparison (2023)

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JBL Infinity Fuze 100 Vs Boat Stone 170 Comparison 2023

In this post, we are going to JBL Infinity Fuze 100 Vs Boat Stone 170 Comparison. Both have come with similar features. We are talking about it right now because most of the things are covered in those posts. So friends first we’ll talk about the Design, Build quality, Battery life, price, sound, bass, and in my opinion let’s find out which is best for you?

Build quality:
Both the speakers build quality wise both the speakers are made out of the same material as the fabric. On the center part of both, these speakers are pretty much the same the upper and the bottom part of both these speakers are made out of rubber which also feels very the same. The build quality is superb on both these speakers both are in this market for a very long time infinity. This is their first speaker so both are doing very well infinity is a table brand if you don’t know to search it on google and feels very premium at this price point.

So portable the design is just awesome on both these speakers and both these figures are very portable but the JBL Infinity Fuze feels a bit more portable because of the design the cylindrical design makes the speaker more portable.  It’s a little bit shorter than the Boat Stone 170  that is then the build quality on both these speakers is super but if you ask me I will go for the infinity because it’s more portable.

Comparison Table:

JBL Infinity Fuze 100 Boat Stone 170
Item Weight:195 gram499 gram
Battery Life:6 to 8 Hours6 Hours
Bluetooth : 4.2 V 4.2 V
Warranty:1-year manufacturer1-year manufacturer
Audio Wattage:4.5 Watts5 Watts
Battery capacity:750 mAH1800 mAh
Portable Speaker:
Google Assistant/Siri:
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We can say the similar things features-wise both these speakers are very similar like the Bluetooth is 4.2 which is super at this price point. Boat Stone 170 has a 5-watt speaker and JBL Infinity Fuze 100 has a 4.5-watt speaker you can connect both these speakers with a difference because you can sync up the same speaker of it the same speaker like if you have on others infinity speaking you can connect infinity speaker and another infinity speaker. If either of you has another boat speaker you can connect the boat one with another boat speaker like the boat stone 170 only so both these speakers have very similar features.


Battery life:
On both, these speakers are around 6 to 7 hours at full volume. The battery on the boat is 1800 mAh I think this might be also 1800 mAh or 1500 mAh approximately because the playtime is very similar. On both these speakers, you can pick up calls from both these speakers because both these Speakers have microphones. Over here this speaker the Infinity gets dual equalizer mode which I’m going to show you in the latter part of the post of it.

Ports :
Both these speakers are pretty much similar only on the board you get an SD card slot and you don’t get an aux cord with both these speakers. It has a charging port, oxford, and SD card. Infinity the similar stuff is there but without the SD card slot. It has a Charging port and Oxford given on the Infinity. It has another plus point over the board is that this is ipx7 water-resistant this is IP x6 what resistant. So that’s a big plus point for this speaker over the IP x61.

Sound & Bass quality:
The sound from both these speakers is damn good. The quality on both this because it’s superb it didn’t have any kind of distortion. It was sounding very clear very good awesome in my opinion and that is the thing we expect from these kinds of brands but specifically when we talk about the loudness and the bass. I felt like the boat was a little bit louder than this the infinity.

It’s point 5 what small more powerful than the infinity but it’s okay in my opinion point favorites doesn’t make it at that much of difference but when you listen to the sound of this speaker that difference you can easily catch the bass also on the boat is like let me tell you that this is in all timebase mode you can change your motor on the speaker in the bass emote on the speaker will the boat sounded very good terrific in my opinion.  The infinity had a good amount of bass but still in comparison to the port the bass on the infinity not that much in bass mode also as but in my opinion

Both these speakers are very valued for money. the boat costs a little bit less than the infinity. The infinity is like a 2 hundred  to 3 hundred rupees more but I feel like both these speakers are superb in my opinion

SO Conclusion:

They’re very value for money because both these because have their own plus points. If you want to equalize the mode you can go for JBL Infinity Fuze 100.
If you want the simple the plain and simple kind of speaker with all those stuff and a budget-friendly one you can go for Boat Stone 170 one this is a bit less price as I’ve said so I feel like both these speakers are just damn good in my opinion.

JBL Infinity Fuze 100 Boat Stone 170
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