Mi Dual Driver Vs Realme Buds 2 Vs Sennheiser cx 180 (2023)

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Mi Dual Driver Vs Realme Buds 2 Vs Sennheiser cx 180 (2023)

This is going to be a comparison between Mi Dual Driver Vs  Realme Buds 2 Vs Sennheiser cx 180. In this post, I’ll try and cover pretty much all the important stuff from the sound quality the mic quality and the build and all the stuff.

let’s begin looking at the earbuds definitely the Mi Dual Driver seems a little bit more premium with the aluminum alloy versus the plastic material. On the other two models, both the Mi Dual and the realme buds have these magnetic earbuds that are missing on the Sennheiser.

Now looking at the buttons I find the realme wants to be the best followed by the Xiaomi. The signature doesn’t even have any basic controls or any sort of buttons not only that. Sennheiser doesn’t have a mic as well whereas the mi drivers and the realme members do have the mic.

Comparison Table:

Mi Dual Realme cx180
Material:metal, plasticPlasticPlastic
Weight:18 gram13.6 gram68 gram
3.5mm jack shape:L-shapeNo L-shapeL-shape
Bass driver:10 mm11.2 mmnot given
Magnetic earbuds:YesYesNo
Wire length:1.2 meters1.2 meters1.2 meters
3.5mm jack plated:YesYesYes
Available:Buy On AmazonBuy On AmazonBuy On Amazon

The real way but Stu doesn’t have this L-shaped Jack which is found on the other two models. I personally prefer the L-shaped Jack. So it is up to you what the Xiaomi and the realme have this braided cable. They are kind of tangle-free to some extent whereas the Sennheiser looks to be the cheapest and it gets tangled like crazy I’ve heard people use this for years together. I personally have been using this for over a year and I don’t have any issues so don’t just go by the looks I would say in terms of durability it is pretty good.Mi Dual Driver Vs Realme Buds 2 Vs Sennheiser cx 180

Sound & bass quality:
We talk about the vocals again this sounds a lot different I find the book us a bit natural and true to life on the Sennheiser but on the Mi dual it just feels a little bit processed but I personally like the way the Sennheiser sounds in terms of vocals. I didn’t find much difference in terms of mids but again the treble feels a little bit more crisper on the Sennheiser. When you hear that cymbal crashes you will notice this and in fact at max volume. It can get a bit rude with a bit of a shrill or shortness.

So between these two I personally pick senator over the mi earphones. I wouldn’t be surprised if you pick the mi earphones over these Sennheiser because it is purely personal taste  Mi earphones versus the realme buds 2 – I found the song very very similar with a few subtle differences when you talk about the Sennheiser amount of bass gave realme buds to seem to have a little bit more bass. when you hear the bass drums hit they sound a little bit thinner or sharper on the realme buds 2.

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SO Conclusion:

Mi earphones sound a little bit thicker or let’s say fatter and I personally prefer the latter the good thing is about both of these the vocals and mid-range is very similar and fairly detailed and there isn’t much difference in terms of the treble. So between these two I don’t really miss one over the other or prefer one over the other honestly. I expected a bit more from the mi dual drivers but I really didn’t find much of a difference like I said guys having said that all of this sounds very good for the price.

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