Oneplus Buds z Vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison (2021)

Oneplus Buds z Vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison India 2021

So in this post, we are going to Oneplus Buds z Vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison although the price of plus buds is double of these both earphones still there is a competition between them.


The designs Oneplus Buds z has a long and sleek case. It comes with a matte finish. It fits into your pocket perfectly and the Boat Airdopes 441 has capsule shaped case. It’s a little bit thicker so I would say Oneplus Buds z case is better than Boat Airdopes 441 case but with the buds the scenario is different.

The Boat Airdopes 441 comes with silicon rubber tips and the oneplus comes with simple plastic on it. It’s slightly convenient in wearing Boat Airdopes 441 then Oneplus Buds z because it fits into your ears perfectly and Boat Airdopes 44 are more convenient to wear than oneplus by the way both doesn’t drop when you are running or just walking out .so that’s not an issue also both have more color options than one plus birds so Oneplus Buds z have got 3 color options whereas Boat Airdopes 441 have around 4 to 5 color options you can check it out.


The connectivity on both earbuds is fine. If you use an oneplus phone oneplus bud z connects instantly with oneplus phones and both airdrops also connect pretty fast that’s not an issue but especially Oneplus Buds z with oneplus phone performs excellent but both the earbuds don’t have an issue with pairing or connecting with any of the devices.

The range on Boat Airdopes 441 is slightly better than Oneplus Buds z when I was wearing Boat Airdopes 441 and listening to music climbed down to the to my ground floor. I didn’t have any issue but when I was wearing one plus buds it suddenly disconnects and connects reconnects after one or two seconds so that’s a little bit of an issue but no major issues with the range both have around 10 meters of range and both the earphones are water-resistant.

Comparison table:

Oneplus Buds zBoat Airdopes 441
Item Weight:50 g48.5 g
Bluetooth:5.0 version5.0 version
Drivers:10 mm6 mm
Battery life of earbuds up to 6 hours up to 5 hours


So no issues with that now Oneplus Buds z has 13-mm drivers but still, it sounds pretty low on a certain volume, and Boat Airdopes 441have just 6-millimeter drivers. It also sounds pretty low so both sound pretty low. So you have to have your volume level at least 70 percent now it’s acceptable that boards sound pretty low because it has a small driver 6mm but with the Oneplus Buds z has 13mm drivers still it sounds slow so that’s a little confusing here.


These don’t have volume controls and gestures except that the gestures are pretty fine. So you can customize gestures on one plus buds only if you have a oneplus phone and you cannot customize gestures with both airdrops 441 but i would say both gestures are a little better so you can play/pause with one tab.

You can double-tap and go to the next track and go to the previous track by double-tapping on the left earbud while on Oneplus Buds z but you cannot do both of these at the same time what I mean is you can either play/pause with one of the earbuds. You can either go to the next track or wake up google assistant with the left earbud. Both the gestures work properly it doesn’t fail anytime.

Sound & Bass quality:

It works well the audio quality in both the earbuds is pretty average but I would say the Oneplus Buds z has a little less amount of bass than boats and it has mids and vocals good but again highs are not as much as good. Boat Airdopes 441 you get a good amount of bass it becomes a little overpowered when you cross the level 80 but that’s not an issue you can hear with less than 80 volume.

It will be fine and mids are fine heist is also fine but if you have a good equalizer in your phone what will give you a balanced sound than Oneplus Buds z . Oneplus Buds z also sounds good but it lacks some amount of bass. In terms of call quality, both are good no issues with both of these but if you are watching a video or playing a game you will experience a little latency in both airdrops so when I was playing a game I felt a bit of delay in the audio.

BOAT airdrops that are not a major issue but still you can notice that delay whereas in oneplus I haven’t experienced any kind of delay in the audio when I was playing the game or watching a video or anything you will experience the delay in Boat Airdopes 441 just when you are playing a game so watching a video is fine in Boat Airdopes 441.


The battery life on both earphones is pretty good when you put the earbuds back into the case. It will start charging although Oneplus Buds z has got fast charging whereas Boat Airdopes 441 has not got fast charging but still it comes with a USB type cable so that’s pretty good and while the buds are in the case both charges the buds pretty fast. Both will give you around 30 hours of battery life with the case and the earbuds so battery life is not an issue with both of these has a pretty good amount of battery life no complaints about that.

SO Conclusion:

Overall in terms of design, I would say Oneplus Buds z is better in connectivity both are better but if you have an oneplus phone go for Oneplus Buds z s .oneplus has weird detection whereas board doesn’t have it and in terms of gestures both are pretty average you cannot customize gestures in Boat Airdopes 441 and also you cannot customize gestures in oneplus phone. But if you don’t have an oneplus phone and there are no volume controls on either of these earphones.

In terms of audio quality both are good but I would say both are slightly better than Oneplus Buds z call quality and content consumption are fine. Both of these earphones but in terms of the game, Oneplus Buds z are slightly better because you will feel a bit of delay in Boat Airdopes 441 but don’t forget that board comes with half of the price of Oneplus Buds z and still gives you better sound than Oneplus Buds z. So this is the end of Oneplus Buds z Vs Boat Airdopes 441.

Oneplus Buds zBoat Airdopes 441
Oneplus Buds z Vs Boat Airdopes 441Oneplus Buds z Vs Boat Airdopes 441
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