Oneplus Buds Z Vs Oneplus Buds Which Is Better (2021)

Oneplus Buds Z Vs Oneplus Buds Which Is Better (2021)

So let’s compare the oneplus buds z vs oneplus buds earphones talking about all the important stuff like the sound, the mic quality, and all the important stuff you should know before buying these two. So let’s see which one is better for you.

In the charging cases, the oneplus bud has the matte finish versus the glossy finish on the oneplus bud z. Now, this depends on your personal preference but I personally like the oneplus bud matte finish. So let’s leave it at that but the oneplus buds are better in terms of handling with one hand. You can easily open up the case with just one hand.

Now personally I had trouble or pain with the oneplus buds in terms of fit and comfort. It might fit some it may not fit others so for a safer bed go for the oneplus bud z. It’s completely personal preference and depends on your ear size and shape both of them have touch controls. They work equally good but if you take a closer look the oneplus bud z seems to have a larger touch area but in my experience.

Comparison Table:

Oneplus Buds ZOneplus Buds 
CASE Weight:‎50 g37 g
Bluetooth: 5.0 V5.0 V
IPX rating: IP55 IPX4
Dynamic driver:10 mm13.4 mm
charging port :Type CType C
case charging time:up to 1.2 hoursup to 1.5 hours
Earbud playback time:  up to 5 hoursup to 6 hours
case backup time:up to 15 hoursup to 30 hours
Warranty:1 year1 year

On the oneplus buds I got close to about 5 and a half to 6 hours of battery life whereas on the oneplus bud Z he got close to about 5 hours battery life. So there’s about roughly one hour of difference surprisingly. The oneplus bud Z has the bigger capacity in the earbuds but maybe because of that louder volume or maybe because of that lower volume on the oneplus buds they last a bit longer.Oneplus Buds Z Vs Oneplus BudsGaming latency:
so that’s really good in terms of gaming latency. i find them equally good but I find the overall gaming experience to be better on the oneplus bud Z earphones mainly because of that louder volume and also better seal. So between these two, I would pick the oneplus bud z for the gaming over the oneplus bud.

In terms of customization, you have similar functions as you can see both on the oneplus bud z and on the oneplus bud and for non oneplus users. You are going to probably get an app pretty soon that is called hey melody app. So I would say these also do make sense for non oneplus users the oneplus buttons do have some extra option in the sound settings. Something called adapted to oneplus bud earphones but that is missing.Oneplus Buds Z Vs Oneplus BudsSound quality:
Both of them sound really good but let me point out some of the differences that I’ve noticed so the first one is definitely the volume levels the oneplus bud z is louder by about 10-15 percent compared to the oneplus bud. I usually need to listen at 90 to 100 volume on the oneplus bud whereas on the oneplus bud z 80 to 90 volume is more than enough.

Bass quality:
Now in terms of base, I initially thought the oneplus bud z  were considerably better in terms of the base but after listening to them side by side. I did notice that there is a very minor difference yes the oneplus bud still have that better low. I mean it does get a little bit deeper but it’s not by a huge margin also I prefer the vocals on the oneplus bud compared to the oneplus bud z.

Now the difference is very minor I mean the vocals on the oneplus buds feel more natural whereas on the oneplus bud z. It feels like they are a bit filtered I mean the vocals sound a little bit thinner would say but there is no sibilance in the voices as such but still, I would slightly give this to the oneplus buds now the instruments the detail they both are very similar in terms of the mid-range.

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SO Conclusion:

I don’t really have anything to pick one over the other so which one would I pick between these two or let’s say which one am I going to keep well the answer is oneplus bud z. The difference is in terms of sound is so minor that it’s best to look at other factors. I personally chose oneplus bud z mainly because of the comfort factor.

Oneplus Buds ZOneplus Buds 
Oneplus Buds Z Vs Oneplus BudsOneplus Buds Z Vs Oneplus Buds
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