Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Boat Rockerz 255 Pro (2023)

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Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Boat Rockerz 255 Pro 2023

Are you confused? I’ll help you decide between the oneplus bullets Wireless Z vs Boat Rockerz 255 Pro. In terms of build quality, comfort, sound quality, and everything that is important to you. So many options in this earphones world and all of you guys were a little confused between oneplus bullets Wireless Z vs Boat Rockerz 255 Pro. Today I’ll be clearing out all of your confusion by comparing both of these neckband earphones.

The design of both earphones have their own unique design language talking about the oneplus it is more elegant looking earphone with black blue mint and port color options whereas the boat is more of a sporty looking earphones with blue teal black red and black yellow color options. On the oneplus we have a very soft neckband that doesn’t irritate at all and you can easily fold these earphones and put them in your pocket.

On the other hand, the boat has a more rigid neckband as oneplus but you can find these as well put it in your pocket. On the boat will deform for weight comparison both earphones are lightweight boat is 27.2 grams and oneplus is 28 grams so more or less both weigh the same.

Build quality:
The build quality is solid on both of these earphones. Now, these are electronic products and for one it can break in one week and for some. It will work for ages but looking at both of these earphones they look substantial and I don’t think you will face any kind of build quality issues. If you had any issues with any one of these earphones the one thing is for sure I don’t think any of these earphones will be damaged by water as they are IPX rating on the board and a little better ip55 rating on the oneplus.

Comparison Table:

Oneplus Bullets Wireless ZBoat Rockerz 255 Pro
Item Weight:‎28 gram 27 gram
Bluetooth:5.0 V5.0 V
Bass driver:9.2 mm10 mm
Magnetic earbud:YesYes
low latency mode:YesNo
Water & Sweat IP rated:IP55 IPX5
Full charge:30-45 minshour
Battery life:up to 17 hour5 -6 hours
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So if you want to use these earphones for workouts or running in the rain go have fun comfort and fitting. Now I don’t have to say it but it’s quite obvious that earphones you are about to buy should be comfortable and shouldn’t fall after every few seconds. So in terms of comfort, I will say both your phones are equally comfortable and you can easily rock these earphones for longer sessions and a major advantage with the board is the ear hooks.

And believe me, it will make sure earphones are glued to your ears no matter what you are doing they won’t fall out that easily. But on the oneplus we don’t get any sort of yokes so you can’t rely on them for bouncing too hard but the shape of the earphones is like the inside part of your ears so you can still use them in light workouts or running.Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Battery life:
The battery specification on these earphones we have 110 milliamp hour battery on the boat rockers 255 pro which doesn’t have fast charging. It has what they call ASAP charging so cool which can fully charge the device in 1 hour. And should give you somewhere around 6 hours of playback now I’ve tested this and I got around 5 hours of playback which is quite average

The oneplus we have an unknown amount of battery mAh but what we get is the wolf charging. If you charge the device for 10 minutes it should give you somewhere around 10 hours of playback. You can also fully charge the earphones you don’t have to charge only for 10 minutes. If you do so it will take you around 30 minutes to charge fully and after that fun process it will last for 20 hours and for me it was around 18 hours which is impressive.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Boat Rockerz 255 Pro

Mic & control:
Inline mic both earphones can be used to take calls. There is an inline mic on both of these earphones. Both have a volume rocker as well so you can do everything from these earphones like play/pause /change tracks adjust the volume take calls and use a voice assistant.

Sound & Bass quality:
The oneplus you will find it to be much more balanced rich and bright it has 9.2 millimeter driver. I will say it produces the great sound you have an ample amount of pace that is you don’t feel like it’s too much. It’s too low and the mids and highs are also very pleasant. There is no distortion even at max volume and they can get pretty loud as well so if you listen to any genre like pop-rock hip hop R&B acoustic anything that is considered to be a music genre you will love them.

The board rockers 255 Pro we have 10 millimeters of driver bigger than the oneplus.In terms of sound, I will say it produces half the amount of bass they do produce good mates and highs. But the do pump out is a lot of bass they are freaking loud and very louder than the oneplus.  You will face a little bit of distortion near the max volume but I don’t think you will have to go that far but this earphone is perfect for any kind of bass heavy genre like hip hop, trap, etc.

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SO Conclusion:

The price there is quite a difference between the two oneplus bullets wireless Z is available for two thousand prices and boat is available for 1500 rupees. You might get a lightning deal from the links down below. It going as low as thousand rupees to 1200  rupees.  The difference is there so if you ask me I would say if you want all these features and even sound quality and if you are willing to spend 2000 price on freaking earphones oneplus bullet Wireless Z is for you it would be a great choice.

But if you don’t care much about the features and battery life and you want to sacrifice everything for the base. You don’t see any point in spending 2000 price on an earphone. You will go with Boat Rockerz 255 Pro. I hope this post helped you in your buying decision.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless ZBoat Rockerz 255 Pro
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