Oneplus Bullets Wireless z Vs Realme Buds Wireless (2023)

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Oneplus Bullets Wireless z Vs Realme Buds Wireless (2023)

Oneplus Bullets Wireless z Vs Realme Buds Wireless which one is the best earphones under 2,000 rupees let’s find out. So here we are today we have a lot of things to cover design, build quality, comfort and fitting, features, battery life, inline mic, sound quality and pricing, and my final recommendation so starting.

Build quality:
The build quality is not a big factor when deciding between these two earphones because there is not much of a difference between the two. Both earphones are solid and expected to last long so you won’t face any build quality issues.

Comparison Table:

Oneplus Bullets  Z Realme Buds Wireless
Item Weight:26 g‎31.8 g
Low latency Mode;yesno
Bluetooth:5.0 V5.0 V
Button Remote:3 button3 button
Magnetic Control:yesyes
Bass drivers:9.2 mm11.2 mm
IP rating:IP55IPX4
Battery life:up to 17 hours up to 12 hours
Fast Pair:
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These earphones in terms of design both earphones are well designed. They have their own design language on the earphones on oneplus. We have four color options blue meant ode and black and on the realme we have green orange and black yellow.

The weight comparison realme weighs 30 grams whereas the oneplus 28 grams in weight. So there is not much of a difference between the weight and both earphones feel light. One thing I want to address here is that the neckband on the oneplus feels more soft and comfortable and all the materials feel a little more premium than the realme.Oneplus Bullets Wireless z Vs Realme Buds Wireless

Comfort and fitting:
The realme first they have secured fitting than the oneplus as there are ear hooks provided on the realme. It makes them blue to your ears so no matter if you are doing heavy workouts running cycling or anything.

They will stay in their place but on the comfort price they are not very comfortable as compared to oneplus the silicone ear tips are not soft and irritates a lot but only one plus the tips are soft and comfortable.

I’m not saying that the oneplus is like soap which will slide after every few seconds they have the shape of the inside part of the ear. So they also have a secured fitting but not like the realme so if you are specifically looking for an earphones for a workout only you have to go with real me.

The realme buds virus with the oneplus bullets we don’t get any Qualcomm chip but we do get fast pair like the one + which means the earphones will connect blazingly fast like the oneplus. We also get the fast charging but it’s not as fast as the oneplus when you charge the earphones for 10 minutes you will get 100 minutes of playback but we do get the magnetic birds and

We get older turn on an auto turn off feature here as fell on the birds Wireless which means Auto turn and order turn off when you attach or detach the earbuds. There is no quick switch on the realme and for the IP rating we have ipx4 which means they are poor in water resistance than the oneplus.

Battery life:
We have 110 million power battery on the real me and on the 1 plus we have xx amount of battery. I couldn’t find anywhere on the website or on the box or anywhere else in this galaxy but what we do know is that the charging time and the playback.

So if I charge the realme Birds Wireless which took me arround 1 and a half hours to charge full and after that it gave me around 12 and a half hours of playback. which is decent but quite low for average person’s usage and on the oneplus it took me around 30 minutes to charge full and after that I was able to get the playback of 17 hours which is almost twice than the realme. so in terms of battery life oneplus is the better option.

Sound quality :
The realme Birds Wireless it has eleven point two millimeter of driver which produces very average sound quality. It has overpowering bass now some people want this boosted bass but if you listen closely you will feel the other frequency range that is mids and highs are lacking and this is because of the excessive bass the driver is not able to keep up with all other frequencies also one more thing at higher volume levels the earphones start to distort. So if you like to listen to extra bass like you want to listen to hip-hop trap and or any other bass heavy genre you should go with realme.

But on the one press the sound quality is superb the earphones have nine point two millimeter driver relatively smaller than the realme but it is very balanced out you will not feel any frequency range to be excessive. They have a good amount of bass but you will not feel it’s too much. It is just at the right spot and the other frequencies are also inapt amount and comparing the clarity of these earphones you will feel worthless to be much more clear sounding both earphones are allowed.

But onplus there is no distortion even at max volume.So if you listen to any genre like pop rock EDM hip-hop house R&B acoustic anything but without the boosted bass you will love the bullets wirelessly.

The realme is available for 18 hundred rupees and the oneplus for 2001 to find the best deal you can check out the links down below but if you are looking for any Bluetooth earphones you can pick any one of these as they are priced almost the same. If you like boosted bass and ear hooks are necessary for you should pick up the realme buds Wireless.If you want tons of features with the best and even some quality you should pick theOneplus Bullets Wireless z.

SO Conclusion:

Now if you ask me which one would I go with then I’ll pick the oneplus bullet to see they have so many features and sound quality of my taste but that was my comparison of the Oneplus Bullets Wireless z Vs Realme Buds Wireless and if you want me to compare Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Boat Rockerz 255 Pro.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless z Realme Buds Wireless
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