Oppo Enco M31 Vs Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z (2023)

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Oppo Enco M31 Vs Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z 2023

I will compare the Oppo Enco M31 and the oneplus Bullets wireless Z both are amazing pair of neckband Bluetooth earphones. But a lot of you guys were confused between the two as to which one to buy. So here I am to help you today we will compare these two earphones in terms of design, build quality, features, battery life, and sound quality.

Design & Build quality:
These devices starting with the design of both earphones are well designed earphones.  They stand head-to-head in terms of design and build quality. These are neckband style earphones but unlike others where you have this rigid band in the middle on these, you will find it to be soft and flexible.

This will not irritate or make you feel like you’re carrying something on your neck other material seen on these devices is excellent as well mostly these are plastic and rubber build. But you will find the metal on the OCO that is the front part of these and caps.

Comparison Table:

Oppo Enco M31Oneplus Bullets  Z
Item Weight:22 gram26 gram
Bluetooth:4.1 V5.0 V
IPX rating:IPX5 ratingIP55
Dynamic speaker:9.2 mm9.2 mm
charging port :Type CType C
Fully charging time:1 hour30 min
playback time: up to 12 hourup to 17 hours
Magnetic Control:YesYes
Warranty:1 year1 year
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A great level of comfort you can easily pop them in and use it the whole day without a sore in your ears although. When you are comparing them side to side you will find the oneplus to be a little more comfortable than the Oppo. The silicone ear tips on the oneplus are softer than Oppo buy on the other hand for secured fitting Oppo is better than the earbuds.

On the Oppo are small in size than the oneplus hence the snug fit into your ears. They are so secure that even if you are doing some workout or running they will not fall in the middle of the session so for the comfort oneplus and support the secured fitting Oppo.

Low latency mode:
Now for all the gamers out there burn plus supports low latency mode. You are supposed to get low latency if you are playing games but there is nothing like that on the Oppo but from my testing, all the results of this latency test of both of these earphones on the Android and iOS devices are good.

Battery life:
We have 88 milliamp hour battery on the Oppo m31. On the oneplus bullet Z we have an unknown amount of battery MH wasn’t able to find it anywhere but talking about the charging and playtime you can use the type C code on these devices to charge the earphones.

On the Oppo it took me around 1 hour to charge fully and then I was able to get around 10 hours of playback on the typical audio format. On the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z I was able to get it charged in under 30 minutes and after that, I got around 18 or so playback which is almost twice that of the Oppo. So oneplus is a clear winner in terms of battery life.

Control & Mic:
On the neckband, you will find the buttons which can do all sorts of things like play/pause track adjust the volume skip tracks state calls and use voice system and there is an extra feature on the Oppo m31 for calling which is AI  noise reduction this means the earphones will use AI to reduce background noises. But both earphones good inline mic performs is good.

Sound & Bass Quality:
We have 9.2-millimeter driver on both of these earphones but heavy same sized earphone doesn’t mean that it will produce the same sound quality there is a lot going on both produce amazing sound quality. On the Oppo we have a feature called bass modes but it does is that normally the earphones sound very balanced decent bass mids and highs. But if you want to enjoy some bass heavy songs then you have to switch to the base model and then you will get this boosted bass sound.

I would rate the bass to be between mode and base mode 31 the thing is that the OPA m31 is a little sharp in the high end but the oneplus see everything is smooth and much more enjoyable it makes you feel like you’re listening to a premium set of earphones.

so all in all in terms of sound quality if you want to have two listening modes or maybe you don’t have any preference of sound you should check out the Oppo m31 but if you want balanced sound with an apt amount of bass that you can enjoy you should definitely pick up the oneplus.

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SO Conclusion:

The price both are available for two thousand prices which is a decent price for any neckband earphones but now if you ask me I will say the main difference is between the two is about the features and sound quality. You wish to have dual sound more than oppo 31 is a great choice. But if you want fast charging and better battery life and superb sound quality you should definitely try out one plus. This is the end of Oppo Enco M31 Vs Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z.

Oppo Enco M31Oneplus Bullets  Z
Oppo Enco M31 Vs Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z ComparisonOppo Enco M31 Vs Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Comparison
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