Realme Air Buds Vs Realme Air Buds Neo Comparison (2021)

Realme Air Buds Vs Realme Air Buds Neo Comparison 2021

So recently realme released realme buds a new at to triple Ayanna well Wow yay. It has the same design as some quality phosphor gaming mode. let’s throw our money at it well wait it doesn’t have in your detection a type C port and no secondary noise cancellation mic and to be honest these were the reasons to recommend real me butts air when it launched so the first thing that crosses my mind why do these even exist. So the question that has to be asked should you buy?

Both the devices look pretty much the same to make it easy we have realme buds air on the other hand Realme Air Buds Neo. The real me Birds neo has an additional punk green color instead of the regular yellow. Both have ipx4 splash proof and sweat resistance both have Google fast pairs so if you bring a fresh theory but air or any buds neo besides an Android device. It will give you a pop-up like this pretty.

latency gaming mode:
Both of them have a super low latency gaming mode. So you can go on with your pubg sessions on Call of Duty with this having said all of these here are the three most important differences worth considering between the real me buds neo and realme air buds.

Comparison Table:

Realme Air BudsRealme Air Buds Neo
Item Weight:42 gram30.5 gram
Bluetooth:5.0 version5.0 version
Bass boost driver:12 mm13 mm
playback with earbud:up to 3 hoursup to 3 hours
Charging time:1 to 2 hrs2 hrs
playback with case:17 hours17 hours
USB Type-C + Qi Wireless ChargingYesNo

Now the highlight of the realme but was the inner detection you just remove it from a year and music/video pauses. It was kind of slow but it worked 10 out of 10 times one gesture that you would use several times a day and really appreciate it every single time.

Realme Air Buds Vs Realme Air Buds Neo Comparison

Now coming to the Realme Air Buds Neo it doesn’t have anything like that so he would drop back to using the tab controls double tap to pause the music/video but the touch gestures are mostly a hit animus. I do this 10 times and it works roughly around five times. So imagine a year or tapping on these earbuds and all those misses second come to the most important thing type C port. I mean I have to wrap my head around the fact how much of a saving that’s wrapping a type C port will micro USB. There’s also no wireless charging so if you have a wireless charging pad it gives you more reason to go for the Realme bud air.

Noise cancellation:
Now originally Realme air had superb quality due to environmental noise cancellation and the secondary noise cancellation mic although the battery life was around an hour on calls that was a bargain you made for the good call quality the birds

now seems to miss that secondary mic for noise cancellation it does all the noise cancellation digitally with this one mic to give you a perspective. You get a fair idea of how the noise cancellation on the buds work apart from that

Sound & bass quality:
I see here me touting that 13 mm slightly larger dynamic driver in comparison to really butts 12 mm well frankly there isn’t much of a difference in the sound quality. Both of them are the same in terms of sound quality. Now coming to the conclusion should you buy the real me words new well no it’s more of a step backward and forward in case you haven’t wanted to release an upgrade multiple device connectivity would have been a better option than the punk green color.

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SO Conclusion:

I would recommend getting the realme buds air over the words new and in case you want to save money well why not read me your butt’s s they have a furthermore smaller price tag of 1800 to 2000 INR.This end of Realme Air Buds Vs Realme Air Buds Neo Comparison.

Realme Air Buds Realme Air Buds Neo
Realme Air Buds Vs Realme Air Buds Neo ComparisonRealme Air Buds Vs Realme Air Buds Neo Comparison
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