Realme Buds 2 Vs JBL C100SI Comparison (2023)

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Realme Buds 2 Vs JBL C100SI Comparison 2023

Today in this post let’s do a comparison between some wired earphones that is the Realme Buds 2 Vs JBL C100SI.  This comparison I will divide into three sections that are the design, the build quality, and the sound quality. Let find out which is best for you?


let’s get started firstly as for the design all both earphones are designed almost similar and are lightweight although the realme buds 2 being slightly heavier of the bunch the ear tips in both the earphones are angled to 45 degrees. I didn’t face any issues with either one of them even after using them for long hours so as for the design.

So they comfortably fit in your ears the rear me and the JBL have the inline remote on the right-hand side while they both have fitted in the middle but having them on either side doesn’t make any sort of a problem. It has also the 3.5 mm Silver Plated Jack plug on the realme bud 2 whereas JBL has a 3.5 mm gold Plated Jack plug.

Realme Buds 2 Vs JBL C100SI Comparison

Multi functional Button:

We also get controls for the volume besides the multi-functional 3-Button Remote with Mic button on the realme buds 2 which comes very handy but on the JBL we just get one multifunctional button which is a downside, i feel so as for the comfort.

Comparisons Tables:
Realme Buds 2JBL C100SI
Item Weight:13.6 gram50 gram
Driver:11.2 mm9 mm
Warranty:6 months with a cover1 year
3.5mm jackSilver Plated Jack Gold Plated Jack
Special Features:Built-in adjustable cable strap3 sets of ear tips (S, M, L)
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Build quality:

The builds quality of the real me buds 2 are made of good quality plastic and also has a braided cable and a thick cable as well the silicone tips are also of good quality and looks to be quite durable the JBL on the other hand also have good quality silicone tips and the plastic used is also good but the wire is quite thin. I feel they will fare out much quicker than expected so for the build quality. I will give it to the real me buds 2 followed by JBL.

Realme Buds 2 Vs JBL C100SI Comparison


Sound & Bass quality:

The sound quality talking about the realme first I’m literally impressed with the sound on these earphones and you also get a thumping bass with these earphones the mids and the highs were good and the vocal sounded crisp and clear but at about 80 volume i felt the sound got muffled a bit for bass heavy songs. The call quality was also good and I didn’t face any issues.

Coming to the JBL now the sound on the JBL is good as well there is a required amount of thumb to the base and nothing extraordinary the sound got decently loud although I wished it was a bit louder but there was no distortion even at higher volumes the mids and highs were balanced with vocals sounded fine with good instrument separation the call quality was good and I didn’t face any issues here.

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SO Conclusion:

So finally as for my verdict, I would say the realme buds 2 do get comfortably ahead of the other two because of its impressive sound quality and the build quality the JBL cs100si comes a close second. So that’s it for the post guys and I really hope you liked it. I leave the best buy links in the give below if you guys are interested.

Realme Buds 2 JBL C100SI
Realme Buds 2 Vs JBL C100SI ComparisonRealme Buds 2 Vs JBL C100SI Comparison
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