Realme Buds Air 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z (2023)

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Realme Buds Air 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z 2023

Both the Realme Buds Air 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z here too come at almost the same price. So there is a lot of confusion between these two which one to buy oneplus buds z is a more popular choice whereas the realme buds air 2 comes with this added feature around that budget. It kind of makes it really difficult to choose between these two so should you buy the oneplus or the realme let’s make this easy.

let’s begin looking at the built-in design both of them look glossy. I personally like a more matte finish something like the oneplus buds. Both of these have that glossy finish and it’s a matter of personal taste but I personally prefer the oneplus buds it’s slightly better. Because it’s a little bit less glossy but it’s not a big deal.Realme Buds Air 2 Vs Oneplus Buds ZEarbuds:
The earbuds both having the typical linear design looks wise I personally don’t like this dual tone finish the silver thing which looks a bit funky. On the other hand, the oneplus watch feels like a more simple low profile sort of earphones comfort wise I had no issues with both of these they both feel pretty comfortable. both of these earphones come with microphones but oneplus bud has a slightly better IP rating it is a minor difference but that’s that both of these support google’s fast pair.

Comparison Table:

Realme Buds Air 2 Oneplus Buds Z
Item Weight:42.7 gram‎50 gram
Dual Mic Noise Cancellation:YesYes
Bluetooth:5.2 V5.0 V
Water Resistance Rating:IPX5IP55
Bass driver:10 mm10 mm
Battery with charge case:25 hours20 hours
Fully Charging time:up to 2 hrsup to 1 hours
Earbuds battery: up to 3.5 hrsup to 5 hours
Main features:active noise cancellationquick switch feature
ANC features:YesNo
Low latency mode:YesYes
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Both of these come with the type c charging port which is a nice oneplus claim 20 hours whereas realme claims 25 hours with the charging case. But more importantly, we should look at the earbuds standalone battery. The realme buds with the anc on and they lasted about 3 and a half hours even the oneplus buds last about 4 to 5 hours. So with the anc off you can get almost the same results so not a huge difference.

Main features:
In terms of the active noise cancellation but having said that some kind of anc is better than no anc .So in that regard realme buds wins here. if you ask for my personal situation I wouldn’t pick the realme buds over the oneplus buds just because of this anc feature but in fact there are more important things to consider.

Oneplus has this quick switch feature so if you have a multi-device set up like a laptop and mobile. It becomes easy to switch between devices seamlessly whereas it simply lags on the blm earphones. Both of these have that gaming or low latency mode.

Pros & Cons of Realme Buds Air 2:

ANC featureslow earbud backup than oneplus
If you do not have oneplus mobile then you will go with realme.No quick switch feature
Fully Charging time is 2 hours

Pros & Cons of Oneplus Buds Z:

Quick switch feature mean multi-device set up.No ANC features
If you have oneplus mobile then you will go with oneplus.
Fast charging support

Bass & Sound quality:
Both of them sound pretty good it’s not like one is just better over the other but let me talk about some differences that I noticed first up in terms of the bass. Realme has that more pleasing warmer bass sound that generally people tend to like realme has a more easily likable sound signature where you start grooving to the music. So in the bass department realme has a slight edge over the oneplus buds.

Oneplus does have decently good bass when there is bass in a track it does come through well with a good punch but in the mids department. The instruments sound a bit more prominent on the oneplus buds z not to say that you cannot hear the same detail on the realme buds but it just that oneplus bud puts them a bit more in the spotlight.

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SO Conclusion:

If you have a oneplus device or if you have a multi device setup like laptop and mobile you can consider getting the oneplus bud z for that quick switch feature and better integration with the oneplus devices. But if you don’t care about the quick switch feature and consider anc as an extra bonus feature definitely consider getting the realme
buds air 2.

Realme Buds Air 2Oneplus Buds Z
Realme Buds Air 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z Realme Buds Air 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z
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