Realme Buds Q vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison (2023)

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Realme Buds Q vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison (2023)

In the post, we are doing a great comparison between Realme Buds Q vs Boat Airdopes 441. It offers great features for the price and is also one of the top truly wireless earbuds available on market right now.

Inside the box:
In both these earbuds you get a USB charging cable as well as extra ear tips small and large so that you get the perfect fit for every ear type so looking at the cases of these two the Realme Buds Q are lighter as well as more compact.

Comparison table:

Realme Buds Q 

Boat Airdopes 441

Item Weight:

35 g

48.5 g


5.0 V

5.0 V

Compatible Devices:



Bass Driver:

10 mm

6 mm

Water-Resistant ratings:



Gaming mode:



Earbuds battery:

up to 3 hours 50min

up to 5 hours

charging case battery:

up to 20 hour

up to 25 hour

Build quality & comfort:

They’re both made from plastic but the boat feels a little bit more premium. It just has a more expensive feel to it I guess the name Realme Buds Q comes from q-tips because you know they fit in your ears like the buds cube i don’t know I’m sad or maybe they’re just shaped like the letter q.

So for charging these cases the ad ops uses USB type c which is really nice the buds q however still use micro USB why to tell me why taking a look at the earbuds the Airdopes 441 have LEDs on them while the buds Q don’t have any form of LEDs on them.

Realme Buds Q vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison

These buds are turned off or on or in pairing mode moving on to the fit of these earbuds.  The buds Q and the Airdopes 441 both of feel very comfortable to wear for two to three hours the buds Q are lighter. So they would be better for longer hours of listening to the Airdopes 441. On the other hand have rubber fins which would help keep the buds securely in place if you’re someone that gyms a lot.

They both support bluetooth 5.0 the Realme Buds Q has an IPX4 for water and dust resistant rating while the air dopes have an ipx5 rating. The Realme Buds Q earbuds last 3 and a half hours and the case lasts a total of 20 hours. The Boat Airdopes 441 lasts 5 hours and the case lasts a total of 14 hours.

They both have a range of 10 meters comparing the touch controls of the two. The Boat Airdopes 441 have a bigger touch area also the touch feels way more responsive. The Realme Buds Q, on the other hand, feels a bit gimmicky and also is a hit or miss what the buds Q has though is the app that helps you customize the controls for each earbud the app works really well okay. So this is a side by side comparison of what it would look like to carry these in your pocket.

Gaming mode:
Now for gaming, the Realme Buds Q has a dedicated gaming mode while the Boat Airdopes 441 doesn’t to enter gaming mode you long press both the earbuds for 2 seconds or more. So that you can decide for yourself which one is better. they both earbuds support dual microphones this and they fit really securely if I think moving forward.

Sound & Bass quality:
The birth cue has a 10 millimeter driver and the Airdopes 441 have a 6 millimeter driver. So bigger should mean better right, unfortunately, that’s not the case the Realme Buds Q is definitely the more bass heavy of the two but not in a good way the bass creeps into the mids and a little of the highs.

Because of this, the highs start sounding muddy, and overall the sound doesn’t feel well balanced the ad hopes. On the other hand, have great high mid and low separation the bass is punchy but doesn’t sound overpowering the mid and highs are crisper of the two, and also the Airdopes 441 are the loud of the two.

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SO Conclusion:

So who are these earbuds for if gaming is your number one reason for buying a pair of earbuds then these are the ones for you also they are light tiny and have a compact carrying case. If you can extend your budget by 500 then at 2500 the Boat Airdopes 441 offers great value for money you get USB type c better sound better fit and overall a better quality product.

Realme Buds QBoat Airdopes 441
Realme Buds Q vs Boat Airdopes 441 ComparisonRealme Buds Q vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison
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