Realme Watch S vs Realme Watch S Pro (2023)

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Realme Watch S vs Realme Watch S Pro (2023)

The Realme two smartwatches that were together launched but one was priced double of the other. So what are the differences between Realme Watch S vs Realme Watch S Pro which is better? And how do they really differ because most of what we see on the spec sheets or whatever the pictures are you would feel like Realme Watch S and Realme Watch S Pro are not really different but take a closer look and you’ll see what are the major differences?

We talk about the weight of these watches it’s actually 63 grams for the watch S pro and that is because of the stainless steel body that is used on the watch S pro while it’s an aluminum alloy that is used on watch S. The weight is much lesser it’s almost about 48 grams.

So a difference of around 16 grams is what you see between the two watches on the back you have these sensors and obviously, the sensors are better on the watches pro.

Realme Watch S Realme Watch S Pro
Weight:‎48 g63 g
Warranty :1 Year1 Year
Material :‎Metal‎Metal
Display Type:
Display Size (Inches):
1.3 inch1.39 Inches
Resolution :360×360 pixels454×454 Pixels
Sport Modes:16 Sport Modes15 Sports Modes
Sensors:3 axis accelerometer6 axis accelerometer
5ATM Water Resistant
Special features:SpO2 & Heart Rate MonitoringSpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring,
Battery Life:15-Day14 Days
Compatible Devices :‎Mobile Phone‎Mobile Phone
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The sizing is much different you can see that it’s much bigger on the watch S pro with the 1.39 inches of screen size while this one is a 1.3 inch. So It’s 1.4 versus 1.3 almost but not just that the resolution also is different. The resolution is higher on the watch S pro with 454 into 454 pixels while it’s 360 into 360 pixels on the watch S.

But actually, if you take a look at it uh with the brightness side the watch S is much brighter and it’s an IPS LCD display. So LCD displays I mean they have their own disadvantages and advantages
but AMOLED is always perfect and better with the colors.

so if we change the colors here you’ll see how beautiful this looks the watch S pro while the s doesn’t look that bad but still comparatively it’s not as good.

If you talk about all the sensors on these watches there’s a 6 axis accelerometer on the watch S pro provide which makes it a much better tracker when it comes to different activities and it’s a 3 axis accelerometer on the watch S.

So with the tracking obviously there would be that difference and also there is swimming tracking on the watch S pro which is not present on the watch S. So if you take a look at also the different workouts that are given here there are some similar workouts.

The company’s claim is that uh the watch S would give about 15 days battery life what the watch S pro would give about 14 days battery life  and  the battery capacity is more on the watch S pro because of a 420 mah battery and it’s 390 on the watch S

but the AMOLED display would drain a bit more battery and also the sensors are heavier on the watch S pro that’s the reason why the battery claim is a bit lesser on the watch S pro. But in the end I’ve used this watch for since the launch I mean not even since the launch but before that as well and since then I have charged it only once and it’s been working pretty.

The application you can see both of these watches being well connected that’s one of the good advantages of realme Link App, unlike Fitbit where you have only a single device being tracked and being connected you cannot have multiple devices connected in the same account you can do that here. So if you go to the watch s pro and you check out the data it’s actually.

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Quick comparison:

I’ll again give you a quick comparison of the two this swimming tracking and actually, it’s not just the swimming tracking that should make you i mean go with it the major reason is that the 6 axis accelerometer would do a better tracking obviously 3 a gyroscope as well GPS tracking.

This 5 atm water resistance on the realme watch S pro from this AMOLED display the only advantage that the realme watch S has is the uh 600 nits of brightness.s So that’s the only advantage this also has a sharper display 454 to 454 pixels compared to 360 into 360 and also the size. It’s the same uh dial area or the same size of the watch but the display is smaller on the watches so these are the major differences.

I would say if you are actually going with the realme watch S pro it’s not a bad choice at all and it is a full-fledged smartwatch with some good activity training options but if you have a stricter budget the real watchers is still not a bad choice.

But I would say if you are somewhere in between that budget you should try to increase that budget and go with the realme watch S pro.

Realme Watch SRealme Watch S Pro
Realme Watch S vs Realme Watch S ProRealme Watch S vs Realme Watch S Pro
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