Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 3000 India (2023)

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Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 3000 India 2023

If you search Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 3000 in India then you come right website. we have a list of the Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 3000 In India. I’m only talking about truly wireless and not neckband earphones. We have three OnePlus Buds Z, boAt Airdopes 441 Pro, and OPPO ENCO W31.So now the question is which is the Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 3000 for your phone to buy under 3000 rupees.

List of Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 3000 India



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1.OnePlus Buds Z 

2.boAt Airdopes 441 Pro


1.OnePlus Buds Z 

Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 3000 India

Highlighted: They have highlighted here base boost, 20 hours battery life, Bluetooth v5.0, and sweat resistance to be specific this is ip55 rated so can’t dip in the water but can withstand water stream on it a bit comfortable and cool design.
Case: It’s very compact and lightweight weighing around 40 grams you have a single led indicator for battery status is either green or red USB type-c port and a pairing button for Bluetooth. A type c cable again in one plus red and a pair of two ester ear tips I would allow the red ear tapes here the earbuds are comfortable and lightweight.
Earbud: The oneplus buds they have launched earlier did not come with the silicone ear tips and this one with tips gives the best fit and sits secured in the ears. It has a stem design and lightweight around 4 grams.
Control: The bud z comes with a touch control but it’s limited control in any non-oneplus phone you get only the next and previous track option by a double tap there are absolutely no other controls that suck though if you are using an oneplus phone you can customize.
Sound & Bass: It borders a sparkling treble the buzz is not overpowering and in a short punch. it doesn’t mean it lacks bass but it’s not dominating here and has a very contained presence sound staging and separations are good for this price. The vocals are very clear.
Battery life & Changing: The case gives 20 hours of battery life and 5 hours in the buds you can get around four to four and a half hours depending on the volume levels you use nothing great to boast but not very bad. The support of fast-charging with 10 minutes adding three hours to the case.

2.boAt Airdopes 441 Pro

Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 3000 IndiaHighlighted: It has Bluetooth v5.0, Instant Voice Assistant, up to 5 hours in earbuds & 150 hours in charging case, PX7 marked water & sweat resistance.

Case: We get the battery indicator led, battery indicator button, USB type-c charging port, and a USB port for the power bank. then inside the case. The build quality of the case is made up of plastic which looks good enough and it comes in a matte black color which doesn’t look cheap at all.

Earbud: There is no movement of the earbuds inside the charging case at all as the magnet is strong enough to
hold the earbuds in their place. The earbuds on the other hand are also made up of good quality plastic and it and they too don’t feel cheap at all.

Control: The touch controls the touch area is big enough and it’s easily accessible. the touch response wasn’t the quickest but it got the job done single tapping on either earbud will play or pause the music and to answer or end a call.

Double-tapping on the right earbud will skip to the next track and double-tapping on the left earbud will return to the previous track and finally long pressing for two seconds so on either earbud will activate the voice assistant.
Sound & Bass: The sound quality of boAT airdopes 441 rows sounds good in my opinion and is quite loud as well the drivers pump a good amount of bass and with a bunch to it. While listening to different types of music the vocals were good and clear but again at higher volume, the vocals got kinda lost in the booming bass. If you are a bass lover then this won’t get you disappointed but the bass gets a bit exaggerated at higher volumes for bass-heavy songs.
Battery life & Changing: The music playtime to get approximately 5 hours of music playback on the earbuds alone and around 140 hours combined with the charging case. It’s also worth noting that 2600 mah charging cases can also be used as a power bank so in emergency situations.


Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 3000 IndiaHighlighted: It comes with Bluetooth v5.0, Enjoys up to 15 hours of playback, Voice Assistant, IP54 Dust, and Water Resistance. we get a USB cable for charging and on another side, we get some extra ear tips.

Case: The case has this pebble kind of shape with matte finish soft plastic all over by holding the case you will feel that it is a lightweight device being roughly around 50 grams. We can see it has a USB C port which fits all the third-party cables.

This function button in the middle can be also used for pairing the earphones above that we have an LED
indicator which serves as the pairing and battery indicator. there is only this single light that will turn red-orange and green for the battery indication and there is no way you can see the battery percentage of the case.
Control: The Wearing Detection which is mostly found on the Apple devices like Apple earpods very detection can be seen on the  Opel w31 which means the earphones will automatically pause the song when you take out one of the hear birds and will automatically start playing when you put.
It back for media control we have touch control on the earphones which are subjective as some people tend to like
this and some people don’t as for the control we can skip to the next songs and use voice assistant but there is no play pause track as we get fear detection so we don’t need it anyway but there is also no volume control.
Battery life & Changing: We should get around 3 and a half hours from the earbuds and if we include the case then in total. We should get around 15 hours of playback the case should give us additional 3 charging cycles.
Sound & Bass: The Oppo W 31 produces amazing sound good base mates eyes pretty balanced. It’s perfect for all the people who want ballast sounding earphones but if you’re a base lover there is something called bass mode in the W 31 you can double-tap on the left ear bird twice and it will activate the bass mode and trust me it will shake your pants off it feels like you installed a new bass tube in your car.

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conclusion :
So these are the Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 3000 India. You can choose any one of the given lists. Now I hope we solved your wall of confusion.


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