Top 3 Best Mouse For Laptop Under 500 India (2023)

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Top 3 Best Mouse For Laptop Under 500 India 2023

Hello friend I think you are searching for the Top 3 Best Mouse For Laptop Under 500 India 2023 which can be durable and easy to use. many people use laptops or systems on both devices they need a mouse. without a mouse that can not work perfectly as that need so the mouse is the most important hardware for every laptop and computer

A mouse is a tool that makes the user experience good and the mouse is easy to use the laptop has an integrated touchpad that is difficult to navigate for a normal person but when you want to design a logo or website or editing a video or images. it becomes very difficult to do these all work with the touchpad. But with the mouse, you can do all this work very fast and easily without any makes you work very easily and efficiently. The mouse there are many brands in the market. but the question is which mouse is good for me. don’t worry about that we are this post, we will give you the 3 best mouse which is good for anything like for office work or gaming, etc.. after doing hard research on it we have selected does brand.

How to choose the best mouse?

There are many things you should keep in mind when you choose the mouse for a laptop or computer. you should follow the steps given below

Wired or Wireless

When you are going to buy a mouse you should confirm first you want a wired mouse or wireless mouse because in the wired mouse have other function and wireless mouse have other function but the use of the mouse is the same wireless mouse is have a minimum range of connectivity.
you can not connect your wireless mouse from a long distance from a computer wired mouse has cables you can connect it without laptop and computer without any problems.


The second thing is choosing the brand. if the brand is not good then the mouse quality is also not valuable for many. There is many best brand in the market choose one that is Logitech, zebronix, dell, hp, Intex this are some popular and trusted brand in the market you can choose.

Physical degine 

This is also the most important for you to choose the best degine which is comfortable with your hand. because if you choose any type of design which is not comfortable with your hand then you cannot navigate it perfectly so choose the define according to your hands.


This is the most important you have to check. when you are going to buy the mouse. there are different types of speciation in different categories mouse. there are two categories which are a gaming mouse and an office mouse. if you want a gaming mouse it has many special functions mouse in the office mouse it has less function. so you need to choose the categories.

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1.Logitech M105

Top 3 Best Wired Mouse For Laptop Under 500 India

Logitech is the most popular brand as you know it makes different types of products like computers, mouse, gaming, mouse, and many more many peoples are using the Logitech device because Logitech makes the product very high quality and value for money.

When you connect this mouse with a laptop or computer. You feel the smoothness of this mouse cursor and you can selection of the text is very easy. With the help of this mouse, you can do your all heavy works easly like video editing, photo editing, designing, office works, gaming, and many more. This mouse feels very comfortable with every size of hands.

This mouse is easy to set and this mouse comes with thee should be high definition optical; tracking. It comes with contractual shaps which is very comfortable. when coming to the item weight and height. The height of this mouse is 6.1cm and the weight of this mouse is 10 g. which is very lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket.


  • easy to use
  • very comfortable
  • lightweight
  • glossy black color
  • high deg definition optical tracking

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2.Dell Ms116 optical

Top 3 Best Wired Mouse For Laptop Under 500 India

Dell is the most popular brand which makes many devices with great quality. dell makes products like laptops, monitors, mouse, and many more. Dell is the most liked brand in India

When you use the dell MS116 mouse with your computer or with your laptop you feel very comfortable. this Dell mouse can be used for many works like office work, editing videos or images, and many more. This mouse is compatible with both laptops and computers

This mouse comes with a USB wired mouse which is a good thing. this mouse comes with optical led tracking and with wired connectivity. this mouse improves your experience and productivity. this mouse is very lightweight which is a good thing because  heavy mouse becomes difficult to use its


  • it comes with a weight is 14 g
  • comfortable with hand
  • led tracking very fast
  • wired connectivity

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3.HP x500 mouse

Top 3 Best Wired Mouse For Laptop Under 500 India

HP is the most popular brand in India many peoples are mostly preferring to use hp laptops and computer because it has trust in the provides great quality products with the best feature. hp brand makes different types of products like a computer, laptop, mouse, printer, and many more

If you use this mouse with your laptop or computer it feels very comfortable. you can use this mouse for gaming and office works because it has many functions when compared with another mouse.

This mouse comes with a wired mouse which is a good thing in this mouse you will enjoy the smoothness in the surface. This mouse comes with a stylish design. and also it comes with optical tracking technology which makes this mouse very impressive.


  • Button : 3 buttons with scroll wheel
  • 1 Year National Warranty
  • the size of this mouse is 2.,5 inches.
  • it comes with a USB 2.0
  • the weight of this mouse is 140 g.

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These are the Top 3 Best Mouse For Laptop Under 500 India we are selected because this mouse gives you great quality and great function when compared with another mouse. you can choose any mouse from the given list.


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