Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India (2023)

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Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India (2023)

Nobody knows what a mixer grinder is unless they’re a little kid or an adult. In Indian homes especially, we are all accustomed to listening to the high-pitched noise of a grinder while someone is preparing delicious coriander chutney to go with dosas or tomatoes, onions, and spices for a spicy curry. It is often considered a very basic appliance, but we simply cannot live without a mixer grinder. So we are introducing the Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 In India comes with high power motor.


Below is the Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 In India, so you can pick the one that’s best for you.

1.Prestige Delight Plus
2.Bajaj Ivora
3.Philips HL7699/00
4.Havells Power Hunk
5.Prestige Iris

1. Prestige Delight PlusTop 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India

Item Weight:4 KG
Wattage:750 Watts
Voltage:220-230 Volts
Number of Speeds:3
No of Jars:4
Warranty:2 years on the Product, 5 Years on the Motor

The Prestige Delight Plus tops the chart in the list of 5 best mixer grinders under 5000 rupees. This mixer grinder offers 750 watts output with 3 stainless steel and a plastic jar.

The design of this mixer grinder is unique from other mixer grinders on the list as it comes with a black and yellow color pattern. In terms of build quality, the machine base is made up of superior-grade plastic, which makes it extremely durable.

Furthermore, the jar lids are dome shapes that offer extra space for the ingredients to move around for optimum results. Overall, it is an excellent mixer grinder under 5000 that comes with 2 years of warranty. This is one of the best mixer grinder that you can go. If you don’t want to go with this then let’s move to another product.

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Reasons to Buy:Reasons to Avoid:
Robust buildSlightly more expensive than the competition
5 Years motor warranty
Copper winding motor
Super Efficient Blades

2. Bajaj Ivora

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India

Color OptionsCrimson Red
Weight:4 kg 450 g
Build Material:ABS
Wattage:800 Watts
Voltage:240 volts
Total No. of Jar:3
Total Speed Settings:3
Warranty:2 years

The Bajaj Ivora Mixer Grinder is another best mixer grinder under 5000 rupees as it comes with almost identical features to the Prestige Delight Plus. This machine offers 800 watts output and operates at 240 volts.

There are a total of 3-speed settings and 3 stainless steel jars that come with the machine. The best part of this machine is that it is easy to clean as it has an anti-dust coating. Additionally, it has an anti-germ coating which offers protection against germs. The best features of this mixer grinder is Anti dust coating.

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Reasons to Buy:Reasons to Avoid:
Appealing designNoise levels are high
Copper Motor
Anti-dust coating
Easy Cleaning

3.Philips HL7699/00Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India

Color OptionsWhite & Grey
Weight:4.06 Kilograms
Build Material:ABS
Wattage:750 Watts
Voltage:230 volts
Total No. of Jar:3
Total Speed Settings:3
Dishwasher Safe:yes
Warranty:2 years

The Philips HL7699/00 mixer grinder is a standout mixer grinder under 5000 rupee. With its 750-watt motor, this mixer grinder is capable of handling tough grinding tasks with ease.

Moreover, the three stainless steel jars come in handy for different grinding needs. The compact design of this machine makes it easy to store, and the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip.

Apart from that, the rust-free body ensures longevity, and the jars are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. All in all, it is an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality mixer grinder at an affordable price. Philips mixer grinder give you excellent features and at excellent price.

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Reasons to Buy:Reasons to Avoid:
Ideal for tough grindingJar handles are flimsy
ABS BuildHigh noise levels
Auto cut-off protection
Cascade body for easy cleaning

4. Havells Power Hunk

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India

Color OptionsGrey
Weight:5.600 kg
Build Material:ADS
Wattage:800 Watts
Voltage:230 volts
Total No. of Jar:3
Total Speed Settings:3
Dishwasher Safe:No
Warranty:2 year product warranty with 7 Year Motor Warranty

Another exceptional and high-performing mixer grinder under 5000 is the Havells Power Hunk. This mixer grinder comes with wider-mouth stainless steel jars, which makes it easy to take out and put ingredients.

Furthermore, it comes with SS-304 grade blades which offer maximum efficiency and convenience whether you are grinding or mixing ingredients.

On top of that, the 800-watt motor provides powerful grinding, and the 7-year motor warranty ensures long-lasting performance. Also, the mixer grinder is small and compact, which makes it easy to store in all sorts of spaces.

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Reasons to Buy:Reasons to Avoid:
Break resistant lidsA bit noisy
Strong lid lock
Ball Bearing Motor
7 Years motor warranty

5. Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India

Color Options:White and Blue
Weight:6.0 kg
Build Material:Plastic
Wattage:750 Watts
Voltage:230 volts
Total No. of Jar:4
Total Speed Settings:3
Dishwasher Safe:No
Overload Protection:Yes
Warranty:2 years

you are running low on budget and looking for a premium mixer grinder that offers all features of a premium mixer grinder, then the Prestige Iris is an ideal choice for you.

The Prestige Iris 750-watt mixer grinder comes in a premium design and color pattern that will complement any modern kitchen and its aesthetics. The machine comes with a total of 4 jars, of which 3 are stainless steel and one is made of ABS-grade plastic.

With its 750-watt motor, this mixer grinder is powerful enough to handle a variety of grinding tasks. Overall, the Prestige Iris mixer grinder is a strong contender for one of the 5 best mixer grinders under 5000 due to its versatility, power, and stylish design.

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Reasons to Buy:Reasons to Avoid:
Overload protectionAverage quality blades
Power efficientOnly 2 years warranty on motor
Affordable pricing
4 Jars


To get a perfect mixer grinder for your kitchen, you don’t have to break the bank as we have listed the 5 best mixer grinders under 5000 that are both budget-friendly and high quality.

You can invest in any of the 5 best mixer grinders under 5000, but if we have to recommend one, our pick would be to go with the Prestige Delight Plus. It is a high-end all-in-one mixer grinder that comes with premium features but is available at a reasonable price. Hope this article helps you lots in finding the best mixer grinder under 5000.

Question & Ans Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 India

What to Look for When Choosing a Mixer Grinder
It is a basic appliance, but mixer grinders are integral to every kitchen. If one isn’t available, even for a day, it can be incredibly frustrating. There have been many improvements in the mixer grinder space over time. These appliances have become smaller, lighter, and easier to use. Module kitchens are designed aesthetically appealing as well, taking into account the way they are set up in homes. Before purchasing a mixer grinder, let’s examine the factors to consider.

Blenders and mixers types
Mixer grinders can be classified as traditional mixers or stand mixers. This type of mixer can mix ingredients even when it is powered by a motor. Cream mixers and dough mixers are mostly used for whipping cream and mixing dough. Bakeries, food factories, and other industries predominantly use stand mixers, but kitchens rarely use them.

Wattage and speed selection
When selecting a mixer grinder, it is important to consider the power and speed. The best mixers for the kitchen have a power rating of 500 watts to 750 watts. To achieve the best results, you should select one with a higher wattage.

Blades used in mixers
In addition to the type and options of mixer blades, there are other factors to consider. Blades for dry grinding and blades for wet grinding are different. It is not uncommon for mixers to come with these two blades out of the box, which can be easily installed.

Blades for mixers are primarily made of stainless steel that falls under the 300-series grade. The metal grade indicates how corrosion-resistant it is and how durable it is. 304 and 302 steel blades are low carbon, which means they are more durable compared to other steels.

Jars bundled in a bundle
Make sure you find a mixer that includes 3 jars, so you can use them in multiple ways. Using this method, you don’t need to wash your dishes each time you prepare multiple dishes. Make sure that the handle of the jar is rubber or hard plastic for a good grip, and make sure the lid is tough enough to withstand daily use.

If you’re searching for a mixer that can be used for several purposes, food processors are a good option. Each food processor comes with a variety of jar sizes, as well as interchangeable blades. The newest models even have a feeding tube, so you can add ingredients one by one as you use them. Many juicers also come with a juicer jar, which helps you extract juices from fruits and vegetables.

Preferences and pricing of brands
Appliances are a significant part of our lives, so we are very particular about the brands we choose. You can choose from many different brands of mixer grinders. Mixer grinders vary in price based on their features and also on their brands. A premium price may be requested by some brands for certain features you might find on a lower-priced product. Based on your budget, you will have to make a decision.

Two years of warranty are usually included with mixer grinders and food processors. It’s possible that some company do not provide a warranty on mishandled products, such as a mixer that gets dented. Manufacturer’s defects related to motors, blades, etc., are covered under the warranty period for mixer grinders and food processors.


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